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    Beckham As The Spokesperson For Breitling Transocean World Time Chronograph

    Breitling has recently invited David Beckham, a global superstar, to speak for its new Chronomat 44 GMT, setting off a new wave of avant-garde and dynamic travel watches. . Two ‘flying’ fans who shine the world, join hands to enjoy the ‘flying’ fan journey.

       As a leading brand of precision chronograph watches and a trusted partner in the world’s aviation industry, Breitling travel watches have been praised by the world for more than a century. Especially in 2011, the Breitling self-made launched on the basis of the brand’s first homemade movement. Caliber 04 is one of the very few chronograph movements that can provide a convenient dual time zone display. In the spring of 2012, Breitling launched the new World Time Ultimate Chronograph (Chronomat 44 GMT), equipped with the extraordinary performance of Breitling’s homemade 04 movement, 44 mm diameter is more suitable for Asians, creating a masterpiece of travel watches. Thanks to its two-way rotating bezel, this world time chronograph watch can accurately control the time of the world’s three places at any time, and it also has a super convenient crown adjustment system.
       In order to demonstrate the courage of the world time ultimate chronograph watch to conquer the moment of the world, Breitling joins hands with global power superstar David Beckham, an experienced global traveler, a professional who pursues excellence and precision, and a world-leading fashion icon. ‘Fly’ Van Traveler. Together with his wrist, the Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph, appeared in the new Breitling commercial. Behind David Beckham is a luxurious and distinguished private jet, which is very visually striking. This moment was shot by famous American photographer Anthony Mandler on the runway of Mojave Air & Space Port in California. A world-class chronograph watch designed for world-class travelers. Breitling produced.

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    Ingenuity Alone Tasting Piaget Altiplano900p Ultra-thin Rose Gold Watch

    Since the birth of the watch, the watchmaker’s door has begun to explore the ultra-thin watch. Timepieces are also constantly breaking the limits of thin technology in the continuous breakthrough of technology. And its coverage has gradually spread from simple to complex functional areas, showing their unremitting motivation and enthusiasm for the ultimate watch. The same is true of Piaget, who regards ultra-thin watchmaking as the brand’s gene. As early as 2014, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Piaget, the brand has released a revolutionary watch: the Altiplano 38mm 900P. The case back is also the main splint of the movement, demonstrating the unique skill of integrating the movement with the case. At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Piaget introduced the new 18K Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin rose gold watch with its 140th anniversary as the source of creation. The new timepiece once again beat the watch’s slim limit with an unprecedented thickness of 3.65 mm. . One of the outstanding timepieces of the brand with epoch-making significance (official model: G0A42110)

    ‘Front’ movement

       Different from the traditional back-through watches in the past, this watch uses the ‘front-through technology’, that is, you can appreciate the precise operation of the movement parts on the dial. Trouble removing the strap. The bridge is chamfered and the sun’s radiant matte finish polishes the charm of the entire movement. The gears are polished in the form of solar radiation or ring-shaped matte, equipped with gray screws and a special power correction system. The engraved ‘P’ logo contrasts with the entire white dial.
    Unparalleled slim

    Watch front display
       How thin is the 4mm case? According to the current watch, ultra-thin watches are generally about 8 mm. The thickness of this watch is less than half its thickness, which shows the extreme watchmaking technology behind it. The extreme slimness is also the perfect interpretation of Piaget’s innovative spirit and unremitting pursuit of extreme slimness.

    Watch case display
       38mm 18k rose gold case, delicate and understated luxury. After polishing, it shows a gentle and luxurious luster in rose gold, which is very beautiful.

    Watch crown display
       The same 18k rose gold crown is engraved with Piaget’s LOGO ‘P’ pattern, exquisite and full of brand charm. At the same time, the crown is made of non-slip texture. This non-slippery design facilitates the debugging of the watch and is highly reliable.

    Watch dial display
       The eccentric hour and minute hands are set at 10 o’clock. On closer inspection, the dial is also meticulously decorated with grain patterns, showing the brand’s detailed treatment of the watch in place. The outer hour marker ring is brushed with satin finish to present a fine texture. Radial patterns are more conducive to improving the watch viewing efficiency.

    Watch back cover display
       It is equipped with a 900P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement independently developed by Piaget. The number of gems is 20 (twenty jewelry on the dial), and the frequency is 21,600 times / hour (3 Hz). It can provide about 48 hours of power reserve.

    Watch strap display

    Watch buckle display
       Paired with a white alligator leather strap, which has a warm color of rose gold and a white strap against each other, showing an elegance and simplicity on the wrist. It is equipped with a traditional 18k rose gold pin buckle, and then the low-key luxury room guarantees the safety of the watch. It does not fall off easily and is fully safe.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: The Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin rose gold watch on a white tablecloth is like an elegant and noble gentleman, and there is no lack of low-key luxury when resting on the side. The unique design combined with ultra-thin, create this outstanding Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin rose gold watch. Favorite cousins ​​may wish to look forward to its arrival together.

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    Classic Masterpiece Return Of Glory Tag Heuer Autavia Watch

    As a highly sought after model by collectors, this Autavia series chronograph worn by legendary drivers in the 1960s will return in glory in 2017.
     Autavia is an acronym for the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion. It is synonymous with a rotating bezel, an oversized snail-shaped chronograph dial and classic black and white color schemes. Born in 1962, this brand’s classic now incorporates new upgraded features and a proprietary homemade movement to celebrate its 55th anniversary with a new retro look.

    The avant-garde design of the new generation of Autavia series watches is also loyal to the original and fully demonstrates the spirit of racing in the golden age. Just like the original pioneer, this new work with a contemporary style
     ‘The Autavia Cup’
    Stand out in the large-scale online selection event: Autavia ‘Rindt’, which was voted by more than 50,000 netizens and won an overwhelming victory among 16 vintage watches, is the famous F1 driver Jochen Lint
     (Jochen Rindt) A replica of what he has worn.

    • The Autavia series was designed by Jack Heuer in 1962. It is the first chronograph with a rotating bezel, and it will soon be renewed.
    • It is the watch worn by the most famous racers in the 1960s and 1970s. They are: Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti, Joe Steffi (Jo Siffert), Clay Regazzoni …
    • Acronyms for cars (AUTomobile) and aviation (AVIAtion), derived from Heuer’s first race car and aircraft dashboard timer in 1933.
    • The 1960s racing spirit blends with contemporary functions, reinterpreting the iconic collectors’dreams.
    • Design inspired by Autavia ‘Rindt’ worn by 1966 legendary F1 champion Jochen Rindt.
    • During the “Autavia Cup” event (an unprecedented online interactive event in 2016), online users voted to select from 16 retro styles.
    • Black rotating bezel, three large white snailed chronograph dials, rough lines and perfect readability, inspired by the original model.
    • Increased 42mm diameter, 100m water resistance, 6 o’clock position date window and Heuer-02 exclusive self-winding chronograph movement for the new model.

    Racing pedigree

     The new generation of Autavia is not only a re-release of iconic watch styles, it also reflects respect for the real racing world and its roots, and enhances functionality through technology-TAG Heuer’s signature precision. New modes of operation, modern functions, contemporary machinery. The style has not changed for a long time and is legendary. With its rough temperament, fans of retro chronographs are obsessed with it. 1960s F1 hero watch. Legendary image with kerosene, cigarettes and adrenaline. Autavia will always represent this exciting and ever-changing world.
    Performance that wins everyone
     The return of the Autavia collection dates back to a unique large-scale online event, ‘The Autavia Cup’, held in spring 2016. The purpose of this event is to gather the brand’s collectors and fans, and discuss with watch experts, and finally vote for a retro watch as the inspiration for Autavia replica watches.
     Netizens voted to choose their favorite one from the 16 first-generation Autavia watches of the 1960s. After two stages of selection, the total number of votes exceeded 50,000, and the winner was selected in the final 4 works: the famous Autavia model in 1966, Ref. 2446 Mark 3, this watch was named ‘Rindt’, In honor of the famous F1 champion Jochen Rindt, he was named after wearing the watch for a long time.

     Watch fans like the replica watches are back: this innovative collaborative project greatly demonstrates Tag Heuer’s commitment and respect for true lovers and excellent consultants. ‘Autavia
    ‘Rindt’ ‘s widespread response on social media has reborn this winning replica watch. The second representative case, slim bezel, beveled lugs, black dial, three white chronograph dials, linear hands and Based on polished stainless steel match-shaped hour markers and luminous markers, this landmark new piece has all the attributes of a winner. The ‘image ambassador’ of the watch
     Jochen Rindt-one of the greatest drivers in F1 history and a great contribution to the world-renowned watch.
    Characterizing Modern Marks

     From the original 39 mm in the 1960s to a more eye-catching 42 mm, with a 12-hour graduated bezel and a new Heuer-02 chronograph movement, the new Autavia watch inherits the design philosophy of the original watch series and Aesthetic style, and update and upgrade according to the current market trends, more modern. Its functions better meet contemporary needs: the self-winding movement has an 80-hour power reserve, a date window at 6 o’clock, and 100 meters of water resistance. A two-way grooved bezel made of black aluminum alloy encloses the black dial and three white luminous chronograph dials cleverly located inside. The stainless steel hands and appliqué hour-markers covered with a Super-LumiNova® beige luminous coating are very legible.

    The new generation of Autavia watches inherits the simple and powerful lines of the previous generation, which will be the heart of future collectors. At the same time, it will integrate modern style into the reinterpreted retro look and move closer to the current world. ‘Big push buttons, grooved crowns, Tag Heuer logos and distressed calfskin straps add ruggedness to the watch. At the same time, modern elements are added through date windows and sapphire crystal casebacks that were not available in the past. Beige luminous The coating presents the antique luster of an antique timepiece, which is printed with the stitching of the strap. Following the ‘1 / 3-2 / 3’ golden rule formulated by Jack Heuer then, the carefully developed new retro style can be viewed from the minute Clearly displayed track intervals greatly enhance legibility and accuracy.

    The new favorite of purists
     The words Heuer-02 above the date window point to an important innovation of this new work: it is equipped with a new self-made chronograph movement Heuer-02 with a frequency of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 80 hours. This self-winding movement, which is only 6.9 mm thick, consists of 233 parts and features a column wheel and a vertical clutch. The sapphire crystal caseback can see the traditional surface decoration embellished on it. At the same time, this TAG Heuer mechanical movement also maximizes the chronograph dial space on the dial side to achieve visual balance and perfect legibility.
     Fans of the original Autavia will be crazy about this new retro timepiece. The profound connection with the car, the outstanding characteristics and the classic look are carefully preserved. Perfect proportions, layouts, well-decorated chronograph dials, clear and easy-to-read scales, and a powerful rotating bezel resurface here. For those who are pursuing pureness, an additional surprise is that the watch offers different strap options: a maroon distressed calfskin strap with hazel stitching, or a 60-grain rice grain 7-row stainless steel strap. Autavia watches were an important force in promoting the style of the post-war prosperity era.
    The roots of Autavia
     If you want to know more about the relationship between Autavia and the car, you have to start from the era it was in. In 1933, TAG Heuer designed the first instrument panel dedicated to racing cars and airplanes: the Autavia timer. Composed of the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion, the name also symbolizes its subtle timing performance. Thirty years later, in 1962, the company’s fourth-generation heir, Jack Heuer, launched his first sports chronograph with a unique and innovative feature: the rotating bezel. Autavia is reborn with this new complete and rich collection. Until 1986, every time a new watch was launched, it became very popular, and it is still the most sought after treasure in the series.
     For many people, Autavia is more symbolic than cars in aviation. Because its spokesperson is the greatest F1 driver of the 1960s and 1970s. These include Jo Siffert, Mario Andretti, Jochen Rindt, Derek Bell, Clay Regazzoni • Regazzoni), Gilles Villeneuve, Jacky Ickx, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill (Graham • Hill), Mario Andretti, Björn Waldegård, etc., even Steve McQueen’s wrists Its figure. At that time, Autavia was an indispensable accessory for championship drivers. In addition to the tobacco dealer, Jack Heuer was the first sponsor of a Formula One car. The deep interest in cars and the extraordinary marketing talents of this visionary business leader have greatly strengthened the connection between watch brands and racing cars.
     With F1 championship drivers wearing, Autavia has become a hallmark of sexy, passionate and dangerous areas. The legendary drivers in the golden age of racing provoked exciting and exciting emotions and became a source of obsession for everyone. This excitement is burning with a strong sense of danger, stimulating the driver to drive his war horse to run on the track and take risks with his own life. This is an extremely dangerous sport, and it can happen at any time. Driven by a desire for inner heating, earnest life, no complicated calculations, and courage to take risks, these fast-rising racing stars chose Autaria for its versatility, durability and reliability. The watch has since become a symbol of motorsport.

    Changeable design

     Classics often come from unique designs. But instead, Autavia is known for its changing image. Two or three chronograph dials, different bezel scales, GMT function, diving or military models, many different looks make the watch the focus of collectors chasing. At first, Autavia was elegant in simple black and white. By the 1970s, watches had added more color, echoing the racing culture of that era. On the 55th anniversary of its advent, this long-established chronograph has continuously evolved its design with the development and innovation of technology. A tribute to the previous works of the past, the new Autavia is not just a simple reproduction of antique timepieces, but also a glimpse of the glory of the past as a manifestation of today’s roots.

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    Another Style Of Italian Watches

    In 1997, Federico Massacesi was also the head of a design department that worked for fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo for many years. Unlike other designers, he loves watch art and adheres to the Italian style. He very much hoped to carry forward the traditional military watch styling in Italy, and soon he established the Anonimo brand, with the company’s headquarters in Florence, the capital of art. Making watch models more suitable for people engaged in a variety of cutting-edge sports through watchmaking technology is the foundation of Anonimo’s success. A watch-making company from Florence, Italy, hand-made exquisite models, competes with many large brands and groups in Switzerland.

       Celebrated his tenth birthday in 2008. Anonimo uses its unique image to create passion for watches and clocks around the world. The unique technology and special craftsmanship have gradually attracted the attention of the world’s watchmaking industry. Anonimo gained fame in a relatively short time. Today Anonimo still represents the true tradition of Italian hand-made watchmaking. Each piece is created by the watchmaker’s own, and finally touched by the exquisite craftsman. To this end, the brand specially painted the ‘Anonimo 10th Anniversary’ logo in 2008 as a springboard instead of the finish line, and further crossed into greater success in the future.

        Anonimo’s self-made charm began to appear on the wrists of a series of prominent characters because of its subtle charm. They include: Anthony Kiedis (leader of the ‘Red Pepper’ band), Carlo Conti, Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan, etc., and even Former Mexican President Vincent Fox is also a loyal fan of Anonimo. But now Anonimo has begun to plan its brighter future. The first is to consolidate the inherent position in this category of watch products, with more emphasis on design, craftsmanship and quality, and to target watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world to spread their unique brand culture worldwide. Federico Massacesi, the leader of Anonimo, his shrewdness and talent, built this development path. The secret of Anonimo’s commercial success is that Anonimo products are fully capable of performing extremely complex tasks such as daily, military, formal occasions and sports.

       Classic models include the Sailor Diver 1989 series and the Polluce series. In 2001, Anonimo cooperated with INGV to test the waterproof depth of the Polluce series watches to 2,105 meters! This is a real sword, not a phantom value in the laboratory. Here we revisit the performance and brand characteristics of Anonimo. If it was a great work, even Michelangelo, the immortal master of Florence, once claimed: ‘Sculpture already exists in marble, we just remove all the extra parts on it.’ And Anonimo must This tradition of Florence will always be adhered to. Thanks to Anonimo, the spirit of Florence has not changed. Such a theory guided Anonimo’s artisans to make every beautiful watch.

        Watchmaking genius Dino Zei comes from another Italian watch brand, Panerai, and he is now working with Anonimo. He creatively followed the traditions of watchmaking in Florence and moved on. And the founder of the brand Federico Massacesi since the moment he left Salvatore Ferragamo, he has secretly made up his mind: do a good job of Anonimo, make the Italian brand mechanical watches world-renowned, and highly praised by users. After ten years, Anonimo can bring 3,000 to 4,000 new high-end watch products to the world every year, just like the stars in a long time. The story of Anonimo, a classic watchmaking factory with a precious combination of spirit and technology, has just begun.