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    How A Chanel Vip Was ‘beaten’ By Advanced Customization

    A reader MM left me a message the day before yesterday, saying that she had already ordered Chanel’s Spring / Summer 19 series. Next time, she would buy it with me hand in hand. In the face of WeChat, the rabbit was left in the cold Shivering trembling … Since becoming a good blogger in China for ‘chatting’, ‘shopping’ and ‘shopping’, Rabbit has been scared by heroic female readers. In order to meet everyone’s growing consumer demand and rising shopping unit prices, last weekend, Rabbit decided to experience a high-end customization of Chanel. This is also the first time that Massaro Shoes Workshop, one of Chanel’s high-end handmade workshops, came to China, and Hangzhou Tower Boutique is the first stop. The store welcomes guests as usual, but the innermost area is partitioned into a VIP custom area, displaying custom shoes and individual fabrics that are specially brought from Paris, such as the entire twill. Let me first say a few words about Massaro Shoe Shop. It was opened by the shoemaker Massaro on the rue de la Paix in Paris in 1894. Today, it is still in that position. I believe that you will often see it in Paris. . Raymond Massaro himself inherited the skills left by his grandfather and father, and also completed his studies at the Ecole des Métiers de la Chaussure. He has always provided guests with handmade shoes. A more interesting story is that in 1957, Massaro created the famous two-tone shoes for Gabriel Chanel. Stiletto heels were popular at the time, but Ms. Chanel advocated comfortable 6 cm heels. The design of this pair of shoes is that the beige leather body stretches the legs and the black silk satin toe can make the feet look slimmer. Coincidentally, the boots she wore were also seen at the scene. Although you can see that the chances of wearing may not be too much, and the maintenance is not bad, but you can’t escape the traces of time. The shoes that Ms. Chanel once wore, Massaro Shoe Workshop, have been working closely with Chanel until she joined Chanel’s high-end handmade workshop in 2002, and naturally supported the creation of Carl Lagerfeld. Although it was a one-on-one service (the person in charge from the shoe workshop introduced me to the basic production process and selection methods), the scene was relatively lively, and everyone looked at it vigorously. After a week of looking around, rabbits attracted me to two major categories. One was the sneakers that were the least popular with me. In recent years, sporty riders and sports shoes have also been luxury and more and more top-tier brands have become the main products, but everyone must still remember that on the Chanel Haute Couture show in 2014, Carl used sneakers for the first time To match the skirt, this contrasting sense of conflict has led this trend in a sense. Men at the Chanel 2014 Haute Couture show told me that women’s shoes are much easier to customize than men’s shoes, especially sports shoes, but they seem to forget that women pay for design. It’s just a basic requirement to just make a pair of matching shoes and talk about advanced customization. So what attracts me most about sports shoes is that it can choose the tweed pattern, and even choose the same pattern of shoes according to the coats they already have at home. Sometimes it’s not just a shoe workshop. Chanel’s many high-end handmade workshops, including Desrues Button Workshop, Lemarie Camellia and Feather Workshop, Lesage Embroidery Workshop, ACT3 Tweed Workshop, etc. When the high-end handmade workshop series is released every season, several major workshops often complete one Piece of clothing or accessories (for example, the rabbit has a ‘Paris Metropolis’ high-end handmade workshop coat, which is jointly completed by the two embroidery workshops). There are as many choices as there are fabrics. This is the advantage of customization. Looking at the white embroidered sneakers, it is said that they are very popular and have been ordered. The second category is naturally boots. The more exaggerated are all, tweed embroidery, but only unexpected, not impossible. But my personal favorite is this pair, and I have tried it. This is a stitching of leather and cloth. Any part of the shoe can be customized, including changing the pattern of the cloth. Even if you use crocodile skin, or if you feel that the heel is too high or not high enough, you can choose according to your preference. Of course, many times, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by too many choices. Chanel offers 2 opportunities to make a pair of left and right feet of a pair of shoes (for example, I sway between dark blue and black tweed, simply two I’ll do it for you). After 2 months, the person in charge of the shoe workshop will take the shoes to fly to China again for the second try-on and last adjustment of the shoe last. In fact, when the rabbit walked into the custom area, he really thought that maybe he could try a pair. But in the end, after experiencing the trade-offs, choices, and comparisons in my heart, I found that maybe I have not yet reached the stage of consuming advanced customization at this stage. First of all, taking my favorite boots as an example, there are two big choices in front of me:

    1, make a pair of versatile shoes, and make its daily appearance rate as high as possible. 2. Make a pair of special shoes with a special fabric, such as a tweed pattern and one of my coats, but it may be limited to this.

    But for a pair of shoes above 40,000 yuan, if I can only match one or two clothes, I am obviously lost in thought … Secondly, let’s say that the actual wear of sneakers must exceed that of boots, and it is unavoidably more dirty and worn. I left all my doubts to the person in charge of the shoe workshop. Of course, the other person also answered me very seriously: ‘Ordinary dirt can be washed. If it is damaged due to wear and tear, we have a way to restore it as before, but it will It involves maintenance costs. ‘Just as I was thinking hard about these practical issues, the super VIPs had placed orders through WeChat:’ People can’t get through, let’s set it up and talk about it. According to my previous size, it can be adjusted anyway. ‘ There are also people who can’t make a choice because they like everything, and they order 6 pairs directly. After I got home, I was deeply ‘ridiculed’ by my family: ‘The first time I heard that advanced customization also needs to consider practicality, this only proves one fact-poor.’ Well, I just finished laughing last time ‘ Young people with no money ‘, this time it is their turn to enter the ranks of middle-aged people without money. In fact, rabbits did not intend to write purely personal experiences, but reminded me of the consultations that everyone had when buying watches in the past two years, and realized that this is actually a common problem. When a person wants to try to spend more than his economic strength, These are bound to be faced. For example, when someone buys more than 100,000 (the first) watch, they struggle with it for several months-it is safe to buy a watch that is not attractive, or to buy the favorite but not necessarily wear it often. Facts have proven that under the constraints of the budget, most people will compromise on ‘practical’, which is what we call ‘cost-effective’. The purpose of advanced customization is to provide more choices for those who have already passed the basic consumption-when I have bought all the finished products, how can I meet my special preferences? Truth be told at this stage. Only when you are rich can you sublime into art, preferring to spend money on things that seem expensive. This is not the so-called ‘stupid person with more money’, but that people have long been unsatisfied with the pursuit of ‘cost-effective’. More than 40,000 pairs of shoes, in fact, many people can afford it, but using it as a daily necessities to match casually, and using it as a luxury goods to provide, the world is different. Even if the consumption is in the same brand, from bag, ready-to-wear, to advanced customization, it is a road of consumption upgrade. The strengths of VIPs are very different. But facing yourself, it is best to enjoy consumption with economic strength. Of course, we can always have dreams. This year will not work. Maybe next year or 5 years will be fine. This is what I said to rabbit fans. In the end, the rabbit just wanted to say that ‘poor’ is not terrible, and it is really impossible to rule with red eye. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!