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    Watchmaker Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Sponsors The 20th Trophe ́e Mer

    On Thursday, Jean Richard Richard Weisser presented the Terrascope watch to the champion team of the Trophe ́e Mer Montagne competition.
    The Trophe ́e Mer Montagne competition was founded by Eric Loizeau in 1994 and is hosted by Elovoyagers. The Trophe ́e Mer Montagne in 2013 was held from January 28 to 31. This event brings together two worlds that at first glance seem to have nothing in common, but a closer inspection reveals that they still have a lot in common. Unlike other competitions, Trophe ́e Mer Montagne is often a competition between swimmers, mountain climbers and young athletes. At the beginning of the game, it attracted many teams, each team consisting of a sailor, a climber and a child from the ski resort.

    Winners (from left to right): Guillaume Vallot, Camille Balbo and Franck Cammas (Photo: Pascal Alemany)

    JeanRichard Shang Weisha has always upheld its authentic, simple, innovative, strong uncompromising, durable brand concept. With solid sports watch technology and deep heritage, and full of adventure spirit, Jean Richard Richard Weiss found a resonance in the sport of Trophe ́e Mer Montagne.
    This wonderful encounter with sports created an opportunity for each player to challenge each other in ten events in a three-day match. After all the competitions, Jean Richard Richard Weisser presented Terrascope, a sports watch with a strong masculinity, for the 20th Trophe ́e Mer Montagne championship team [composed of Franck Cammas, Guillaume Vallot, and Camille Balbo].
    Source: JeanRichard