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    Glasutti Original And Jacques Dro Opened Boutiques In Geneva

    On November 27, 2013, the watch brands Glashütte Original and Jaquet Droz under the Swatch Group opened a boutique in Longhe Avenue. The new store is located in the world. Famous Haute Horlogerie brand area, next to Breguet and Blancpain boutiques.

     The brand-new boutique connects the two brands in a harmonious and perfect way: on the left is Jacques Dro’s exclusive, the main color is an elegant combination of black, gray and silver, and on the right is the original area of ​​Glashütte, which features black oak Material, beige enamel finish, and light leather sofa for guests. Both brands adopt elegant and simple styles, creating a comfortable and warm environment.

    From now on, guests can enjoy the exclusive collections of the two major brands as long as they come to this 60 square meter boutique.
    Glashütte Originals and Jacques Dro opened boutiques in Geneva
    Boutique address: 40 Rue du Rhône, Geneva
    Phone: 41223192349
    About Rue du Rhône

     Rue du Rhône is the most exclusive shopping area in Geneva. Elegant streets, beautiful Geneva lakes and mountains, and a historic shopping mall park make Long He become a world-renowned luxury shopping paradise. There are unique and exquisite cafes here, as well as countless international luxury boutiques.