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    Glashütte Watchmakers Interpret The Beauty Of German Watches

    As a rigorous, pragmatic and perfect Germanic nation, the Germans have not only made extraordinary achievements in industrial history, but also have a unique performance in clock design. The Glashütte Original, from Germany, combines design aesthetics and mechanical engineering to create extraordinary watchmaking art.

        Sambo watches and Glashütte watches specially invited MR. Dieter Hans Pachner, vice president of Glashütte, Germany, to introduce the latest Diary exclusive introduction, and watchmaker MR. Gerold Eichmair to show the watch creation process on the spot, and well-known watch reviews Mr. Zeng Shixin also talked with the VIPs on the scene about the extreme beauty of the Glashütte watch movement.

        During the banquet, MR. Dieter Hans Pachner, the vice president, gave a complete and detailed explanation. The most recent high-profile Senator Diary watch from Glashütte, clearly introduced this first alarm mechanical watch that can be set 30 days later. Among them, The innovation, research and development, and craftsmanship are enough to take the German watchmaking industry to the next level.

        The well-known watch critic Mr. Zeng Shixin used simple words to explain the reason why the Glashütte watch movement can occupy a place in the industry, not only because of the precise craftsmanship, but also because of the design and manufacture of the movement. We have a joke saying: ‘Glashütte watches can not only be worn properly, but the beauty of wearing them in turn is even more fascinating.’

        Master watchmaker MR. Gerold Eichmair, even in a hands-on way, just got off the plane after a flight time of up to 18 hours, immediately changed to the watchmaker’s work white robe, immediately went to the work table, for the live VIP performance There was a superb and intimate watchmaking show, and then guests were invited to come forward and exercise together. Although everyone kept sighing and sighing in the process, sometimes they said they were presbyopia, they said they were clumsy, and some people could n’t even put on the monocular magnifier steadily. A Saturday afternoon event drew a perfect period of laughter .