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    Arnold & Son Balanced Beauty Dte Double Tourbillon

    Ingeniously blending the brand’s strong British tradition with ingenious and outstanding watchmaking technology, ARNOLD & SON has produced a superb watch that reflects the brand’s reputation and vision. The unique and impressive double tourbillon escapement time watch DTE is a treasure of mechanical and elegant aesthetics. Arnold & Son is renowned for its innovative technology and superior technology, and continuously leads the pursuit of excellence in watchmaking. Take the DTE watch as an example. It belongs to the brand’s popular instrument series. Its iconic in-house manufactured movement is inspired by John. In the second half of his life, Arno worked with his son to pursue a period of absolute precision.

    ARNOLD & Son DTE new dual tourbillon escapement time watch with A & S8513 tourbillon movement with silver opal dial, 18K white gold case, diameter 43.5mm

    Arnold & Son is considered the father of modern marine timepieces. Due to the technical advantages of its watchmaking technology, Arnold & Son developed and produced precision timepieces, solving the problem of determining longitude at sea in the 18th century (thus establishing itself as the official supplier of the Royal Navy). Obviously one of the greatest watchmakers in history, John. Arno and Abraham. Louis. Breguet shares his watchmaking knowledge and passion. Their partnership can be installed in John Breguet’s first tourbillon cage (# 169). This is evident in Arno’s movement No. 11, which is today housed in the British Museum in London.
    DTE is a masterpiece combining symmetry, balance, three-dimensional beauty, technological leadership and ultimate performance accuracy. The watch has a built-in A & S8513 manual-winding movement, recreating the old tradition of 21st-century dual movements; it is equipped with two independent time zone displays-each can be performed independently through a specially set mechanism Settings. There is also an independent gear train and tourbillon escapement.
    In addition to the double tourbillon escapement and dual disc / dual time indication, the watch is exceptionally efficient; it not only provides the hours and minutes of local time, but also the hours and minutes of the second time zone that can be set independently. The wearer can thus obtain an accurate time difference of only one quarter of an hour or half an hour from Greenwich Mean Time. The dual barrel provides an extremely long 90-hour power reserve.
    The typical Arnold & Son watch style is very meticulous and features excellent fine watchmaking finishes. The dial of the watch is symmetrical and deep. The dual time display is equipped with two domed white lacquered dials, one at 12 o’clock and the other at 6 o’clock. The two tourbillon escapements are coordinated and balanced at 3 and 9 o’clock. They sit on the 18K red gold bridge, as if floating on the dial. These lacquered double dials and double tourbillon escapements give the decoration a gorgeous vertical Geneva stripe background stripe plate. The other two crowns for setting local time and home time are at 2 and 8 o’clock. Both mainsprings are set with a crown at 2 o’clock. DTE’s 18K white gold case is 43.5 mm in diameter. The silver-white opal dial (one with Arabic numerals and the other with Roman numerals) is set with blue hour and minute hands. The case back features a transparent sapphire crystal with a magnificent decoration, and a nickel-silver movement with NAC grey treatment.