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    Why Buy A Watch?

    Fishing was poor for three years, and Wenwan ruined his life. Motorcycles are a pit. Photography can’t be touched. Once he learned how to run a dog and a rabbit, he set foot on the road of no return! In case of falling in love with the eagle, both eyes look at the sky with tears, and it will be crazy to play with the pigeons. Change the car and the boat and change the face. The whole family is anxious, letting go of the above pits, but playing the watch companion for life. Why buy a watch? It’s so convenient to watch the time now. There are electronic screens everywhere, and mobile phones can be easily watched. As a watch tool, it has greatly reduced the actual need to buy a watch. However, everyone still buys a watch. As a non-essential item, buying a watch is completely different from buying an alarm clock: buying a watch is not to be controlled by time, it is more like having your own time-I sincerely hope to be with him and cherish the first place in her life. A watch may be a gift from a parent, a gift from a wedding anniversary, or a reward in life and work. A turning point in life, every memorable moment will be the best time to buy a watch. Watches are extremely important items to wear with you, and they have the dual meaning of time function & personality display. When choosing a watch that suits you, you have to consider many factors: shape, movement, function, brand, personality, price, history, trend, and potential value. I believe that behind every watch is an unknown story, not just a simple timepiece. Today the poisoner is here to collect a story of your own, a memory, a commemoration of a mileage card. The content of the story is closely related to the watch. The theme is free to play. It is accompanied by beautiful high-definition pictures. It is best to send to the mailbox: [email protected].com. It is valid for a long time without deadline. Each selected article will be published in the public account and published. Get a small gift from a poison master. Write an article for your beloved watch and commemorate your lifelong favorite.

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    A New Generation Member Of The Freak Series Of Athens Watches!

    Ulysse Nardin Freak product lineup of the watch continues to grow, the style is even wilder. At this moment, four new Freak Out watches are in place on the launch pad and will soon launch into the great unknown world. Everyone, please bring your Freak together!

       Please fasten your seat belt: Freak is not just a watch, it is a complete watch series! Following the Freak Vision and Freak Vision Coral Bay reef watches launched at the 2018 Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH), four new Freak Out fascinations equipped with homemade manual winding movement UN-205 Create watches, now join this maverick collection in the field of fine watchmaking. All new Freak Out products subvert the traditional norms: there is no crown, dial and hands, and it is equipped with a ‘flying Carussell’ tourbillon (the bar movement rotates around its axis) and an ultralight silicon balance.
       The Freak structure abandoned the traditional anchor escapement fork and escape wheel, and switched to two silicon escape wheels in the center. Each escapement wheel is equipped with 18 teeth, which rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, respectively, and engage with each other to transmit energy to the balance wheel. No lubrication is required, ensuring that energy is always released in the direction of the balance wheel, reducing friction. The silicon hairspring vibrates 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour with very little interference. Because the vibration amplitude is small, the influence of interference is also minimized.
       A small locking device located between the lugs above the strap can be used to lock or release the rotating bezel. When rotating in any direction, it can easily and accurately adjust the hours and minutes. The watch’s barrel is equipped with a 7-day power reserve and can be wound using a bezel mounted on the case back bearing.
       Unlike earlier gold Freak Cruiser models, the new FREAK OUT watch is made of titanium, presenting the world of Freak to a wider audience. Another novelty of this watch is its new styled case and bezel (inspired by the Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 concept watch), which contrasts with the inner buckle and stitching on the canvas strap.