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    A Popular Watch That Has Been Reluctant To Start Because Of The Price Difference, Can You Afford It This Year?

    The effect of the annual exposure meter is completely beyond my expectation. In addition to the pictures and pictures of nearly 600 readers, more than 600 new fans (both big brothers) have been harvested, which is really flattered. So in the past few days I have been busy replying to a lot of questions. Many of them focus on the current popular models. Of course, there is also a serious question: how do we buy watches, especially the popular models, in the economic situation of the new year? Rabbit collected a lot of questions and stories to share with you. Let’s start with an example: Patek Philippe’s Nautilus Perpetual Calendar was 5740 / 1G last year, with a public price of more than 870,000. When Basel came out in March, many people thought that the difference was not small (the United States because of exchange rate relations, the difference is not large, but Europe because The biggest difference between tax refunds and other reasons is about 150,000), I went to look around and found no goods in a circle, so I had to come back to China to line up. Therefore, in the first half of last year, 5740 VIP guests lined up, almost at the end of last year and early this year, they could get their watches one after another. Now I want to wait in line to make a reservation again. At least I have to wait for two or three years. Of course, this is also related to the secondary market. At present, 5740 has been fired to more than 1.3 million yuan (of course, it is said that the transaction volume is not very large), but the super public price is absolute. Be regarded as a high-end explosion models. So yesterday, when some readers asked me ‘How much discount can I get from Rolex Blue-faced Skywalker’, I responded with this example: ‘In the beginning, you always thought about the price difference and bought cheaply abroad. After that, you thought about the discount and how much you could save. Calculated how much, and finally found that the price can only be obtained from the watch vendor. ‘At present, the blue-faced Skywalker is also one of the tying or price increases. The issue of the price difference is a hurdle between us and the popular models. In recent years, I have seen how many people kneel down here, and watched one by one embark on the ‘old road of wanting to save money, and finally having to increase the budget.’ For example, AP’s 15400, the public price is more than 130,000, remember that almost every month from the beginning of last year, some people came to inquire about the price. When the difference was only 8,000 to 10,000, there were still people who were hesitant to order in Hong Kong or find a watch. Buy it, or order it from a domestic counter? The rabbit is very broken. At present, the market price of black and white noodles is slightly higher than black noodles, which are very close to China’s public price, while blue noodles have soared to more than 170,000. What’s more, there are individual stores, which can only be bought by tying. Rolex Panda Di waited and watched at 120,000 hours, and those who frustratedly won at 150,000 were also in the minority. We often wait for the market to show its cruel side before we are willing to adjust our mindset to accept it. Another real example. In July last year, a domestic Rolex appeared in an Inter Milan ring (blue-black circle). The public price in China was more than 69,000 yuan. At that time, many people hesitated when they heard the news, because they always thought that it would be cheaper to buy abroad. . Now the blue and black circles have been fried to around 84,000 yuan. A few days ago, a reader came to me and said that they would never forget the blue and black circles, but would the price go up or not? In the end, his pre-determined price was about a few thousand dollars higher than the Chinese public price, but far below the watch price, which was considered to satisfy a wish, but such a good thing would only become less and less as the market rose. He later quietly asked me, ‘Isn’t it not recommended to buy a watch with a super-parity price?’ The answer is yes, but sometimes decisive stop loss is sensible. For example, when the market price rises significantly, an increase of 5,000 yuan is within the acceptable range. And similar to Panda Di’s price increase of more than 60,000, I was naturally rejected (better cut off the idea). Because when we buy things, there are actually many factors to consider, such as: 1, which alternative products do not need to hang a tree; 2, the direction of future consumption upgrade. As far as Daytona is concerned, there are still a lot of gold options to abandon the steel model. For example, the market price of Green-faced Gindy has risen from more than 170,000 to about 230,000, which is getting closer and closer to the Chinese public price. It seems that super public price will sooner or later. Interested parties may wish to consider in advance. In addition, when it comes to alternatives, there is a story shared by readers. He asked me: ‘A friend asked me to trade his AP15202 with a blue and black circle plus 130,000. Will it change?’ Rabbit mentioned earlier that the blue and black circle market The price is about 84,000 yuan, and the price of 15202 is about 180,000. At present, it is over 220,000. 15202, two-pin model First, the price of the second watch cannot completely refer to the new watch. Second, I personally do not recommend replacement. The reason is that I think Royal Oak has more options than blue and black circles. So in my eyes, aside from the price, Not necessary (of course this is just personal advice for reference, everyone has their own preferences). There are a lot of similar cases in the popular brands, but the first thing we should do is to face our inner preferences, and then to place rational orders, we must know how to stop losses in a timely manner. For example, someone asked me yesterday: ‘What is the lowest price Blackwater Ghost that Bunny has ever seen?’ I said, ‘I don’t care about the lowest price.’ Because many times, chasing the cheapest makes us miss the opportunity and pays later. Higher cost. I thought the consumption would be within a reasonable and acceptable price range. The timely stop loss I mentioned includes timely and decisive decision to buy (don’t worry too much about the market reaction and whether others buy if you like it) and not to buy. Believe me, you don’t really love Panda Di and Green Water Ghost so much, but you are just obsessed with its value and going out on social issues. I once asked many readers a question privately: ‘How much are you willing to pay for a watch, and what are the factors?’ The answers are very diverse, including a long history of the brand, good-looking products, top-notch technology, etc. In a circle, you will find the most attractive is the social effect-high awareness, everyone else (what you think is important) buy! Why do some brands chase after you increase their prices, while others admit that they are beautiful but are too expensive? That’s why we are hesitant to face the difference-you don’t want to spend more than others. Only when market demand fills the spread, and we continuously adjust our expectations (when there is no way) will accept its price. But rational consumers can take a long-term view and start early. For example, this month, AP will release a new Royal Oak, which can definitely be a fire (it will exceed the public price). In addition, there are many new PPs in March this year. Rabbits can’t reveal too much, but there are also absolutely explosive models, learning from 5740. If you like to line up at home as soon as possible, it will be easier to catch new ones than to catch popular ones. In addition, from the economic situation point of view, Rabbit believes that although the decline in housing prices has caused a decline in car sales, I am optimistic about the demand for watches, especially the winner-take-all theory, consumption will have a head effect, and hot models of high-end popular brands are still hot. For example, models such as AP’s 26331 and 15450 also have a super-private price trend, while PP 5524G, a peculiar-looking watch, has been spit into another super-private price model. Therefore, for brands, it is imperative to reduce the spread as much as possible. Whether it is through self-paying taxes or controlling channels, a strong brand must have a strong price system, which is also one of the foundations of brand value. New hotspots will continue to appear, and it is indeed difficult for us to get rid of the social value of buying a watch, but the purpose of buying a watch is not to pursue the maximization of benefits. In this life, we will eventually miss the vast majority of watches with potential, but only buy You will not regret it until you truly love it. I remember when I ordered 7018 in August last year, I also discussed with the sales MM: ‘In case the arrival is not light-colored Fritillary noodles, I will wait for the next one.’ Fortunately, I was very satisfied with the real thing, and the best thing was that I got 7018 news of discontinued production (I’m really sorry for the rabbit meals that I planted but I never got a chance to buy). To this day, I am feeling the decisiveness that I started at that time. This satisfaction is worth remembering. Therefore, I hope everyone decisively chooses what they love in the New Year. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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    Zenith: This Coffee Knight Is Waiting For Your Title

    Dream has many watches, but which one can best match oneself? Perhaps the Pilot’s Coffee Knights Watch is the answer. Under the streamlined retro look, the connotation of the free British ‘Coffee Knight’ culture makes it highly representative. A group of young people who advocating freedom, dressed in jackets, ordered a cup of coffee in the cafe, then set off from Ace Cafe on their own motorcycle at 160 km / h to the reservation place, and then returned to this cafe. This brand-new locomotive movement is not only full of passion, but also lets people see the free and easy and fearlessness that transcends the times, and gradually begins to affect all aspects of locomotive culture.

       Nowadays, in addition to the widely-known nickname of ‘Coffee Knight’, this timepiece knight also finally has its own official name ‘Ton-Up’ (English name), which fully demonstrates ‘Remove the appearance of excess, pursue In addition to the spirit of the coffee knight, how can you give it a profound Chinese name?

       Follow the Zenith official WeChat “ZENITHCHINA” now, or follow the official Weibo “ZENITH Zenith”, join the coffee knight camp, comment directly and leave a message to conquer this Ton-Up Boy with your creativity The knight on the wrist, named after your creativity, speeds fast. In addition to this glory, you can also get a special coffee knight gift-retro helmet.

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    Polar Explorers Are About To Wear The North Pole In Vietnam

    2011, April, Switzerland. Zenith has reached a cooperation agreement with Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen, who was the first person to reach Antarctica: Rodel Amundsen will be the first person to arrive in Antarctica. He once wore a Zenith chronograph. Zenith’s journey across the earth
    Ultimate adventure: ‘Pole2pole’ plan
    即将 Johan Ernst Nilson’s upcoming adventure is a veritable modern adventure that will truly end the conquest of polar history. The Swedish explorer’s adventure route made even the most physically fit athletes startled: March 30 this year, starting from the North Pole; walking 200 kilometers along the Arctic ice cap to the Svalbard Islands in eastern Greenland Svalbard Archipelago); board a sailboat there and reach Canada along the Arctic Ocean; then cycle through the Americas from north to south, pass through the Amazon, and reach Patagonia; sail again to Antarctica, then A combination of skiing and paragliding began a two-month special journey and finally reached the South Pole. The entire adventure tour is expected to take about a year-starting from the northernmost point of the earth, fully exploring the land features at various latitudes, and reaching the southernmost point of the earth.
    Dengfeng extreme technology
    完成 To complete this expedition, Johan Ernst Nilson’s equipment must be made of materials that have excellent durability and stability, can withstand a variety of extreme conditions, can adapt to large temperature changes, and can withstand the maximum humidity difference. In a long adventure, mastering time is very important, because the success of the adventure depends on whether it can travel regularly, especially in areas such as the polar circle where time cannot be judged by reference objects. For Johan Ernst Nilson, is there a better partner than Zenith for this expedition? Zenith is world-renowned for its precise, regular, stable and perfect timepieces, which have not compromised its outstanding performance even in the most extreme conditions (its masterpiece El Primero 1/10 second chronograph movement in the chronograph, now In the International Space Station, it orbits the Earth with the International Space Station!) Zenith watches have participated in polar expeditions many times in the past century: Polar Conqueror Rodel Amundsen also wore Zenith Chronograph. Not long ago, Zenith worked with French doctor Jean-Louis Étienne to accompany him on a hot air balloon flight across the Arctic. This cooperation between Zenith and Johan Ernst Nilson will continue the glorious history of Zenith watches, and it is also a great opportunity for Zenith to continuously strive for excellence and push the superb craftsmanship to the extreme.
    Environmental Explorer
    Nowadays, the issue of global warming deserves everyone’s attention, and the ‘extremely extreme’ plan is precisely to draw public attention to climate change. For example, on this expedition, you can observe the melting of Arctic icebergs. If the exploration on the theme of environmental protection is harmful to the climate itself, even if the degree of harm is minimal, it will lose its original meaning. Therefore, the Extreme Plan will always follow the concept of ‘climate neutrality’. Johan Ernst Nilson, a self-proclaimed ‘environmental explorer,’ will use only natural energy sources such as hydropower, wind power, and solar energy to advance his physical strength throughout the expedition. The impeccable chronograph also relies on the power stored in the mechanical movement itself, which fully reflects the concern for environmental issues. Zenith has been involved in environmental protection for a long time: Zenith accompanied the knowledgeable oceanographer, Prince Albert I of Monaco, to complete a pioneering environmental protection initiative. In recent months, Zenith has partnered with Alain Thébault to participate in the development of the non-powered sailboat Hydrotère, and strive to perfectly integrate high technology with outstanding performance. This fast and pollution-free means of transportation is likely to revolutionize the way of intercontinental travel in the future.
    Zenith-a representative of pioneering spirit
    Johan Ernst Nilson and Zenith brand naturally recognize each other, because Zenith has always been with explorers and adventurers around the beginning. For example, the Zenith Navy Chronograph was used to calculate the ship’s position in the ocean and to navigate mariners engaged in marine adventures. Zenith watches also assisted pilots in identifying directions. However, it is worth mentioning that Zenith has the unremitting pioneering spirit and the extraordinary courage to dare to surpass the limits that other watchmakers believe cannot be exceeded: the El Primero chronograph movement invented by Zenith is The world’s most accurate automatic movement is also the only movement in the world that can vibrate up to 10 times per second. Other chronograph movements can only vibrate up to 8 times per second.
    Johan E. Nilson will wear the El Primero Stratos special edition watch on this adventure through the earth. This chronograph will be subjected to the harshest conditions on earth, and will be tested and tested in these extreme conditions. Stratos Pole2Pole watches will be limited to 500 pieces, each with a unique number.
    环境保护 Environmental Explorer
    瑞典 Johan Ernst Nilson from Sweden is one of the most experienced explorers in the world today. He has visited more than 100 countries and completed 28 expeditions. His adventures began one night in 1994 at the Grodan Cafe in Stockholm. While his friends were talking about their annual vacation plans to return to Marbella, Johan Ernst announced that he was going to Morocco and decided riding a bicycle to! My friends couldn’t help laughing, and they bet that he would not succeed. The result was just the opposite. After 52 days, Johan Ernst had been riding a bicycle on African soil, taking pictures everywhere. Since then, Johan Ernst has been fascinated by adventures, and has increasingly demonstrated his ambitions, and his adventure plans have become more detailed. Soon, the bipolar expedition became the focus of Johan Ernst Nilson’s attention: he successfully crossed Alaska in 1995, and it was this experience that made him aware of climate change. He participated in scientific research on Antarctica in 1998. In 1999, he visited the North Pole on a sled, and also crossed the Northwest Waterway in the same year.
    Before the Extreme Plan, Johan Ernst Nilson’s most amazing feat was the summit of the Seven Peaks: he climbed the highest peaks of the seven continents, including Mount Everest, of course. He ascended Mount McKinley, Alaska, the coldest mountain in the world, giving him a new experience in the Arctic Circle, and the experience of climbing Mount Vinson was an excellent opportunity to learn about Antarctica. This expedition to climb the seven peaks was completed in 2008 with the support of the “Respect for the Climate” project, and it was during this expedition that Johan Ernst Nilson began to practice the concept of “climate-neutral” expeditions. Environmental issues became the core of his actions: the idea of ​​climbing the Seven Peaks stemmed from his concerns about climate change and the melting of icebergs, and the Extreme Plan also focused on these issues.
    While planning the adventure, Johan Ernst Nilson is very happy to share and disseminate his experiences and observations during the adventure: the documentary filmed on his many adventures has been broadcast on the BBC, CNN (CNN), Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, making it an internationally renowned media figure.

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    G-shock Chen Bailin Zhengzhou Holding Hands Fans Likes Very Nice

    Zhengzhou International Trade 360 ​​Plaza is crowded and very popular, all because of Taiwan’s strength to send male star Chen Bailin and G-SHOCK to join hands to create a moment for the people and held a live signing conference. Seen at the event site, Chen Bailin’s Fans are very enthusiastic, regardless of age, they all support Chen Bailin, showing that Chen Bailin is extremely popular in the Mainland.
    Chen Bailin smiled all the way throughout the event.
        A casually dressed Chen Bailin warmly greeted the audience Fans as soon as he came on the scene, attracting waves of vocal responses, and the scene immediately warmed up. Seeing the enthusiastic response from Fans at the scene, Chen Bailin said that she was very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with G-SHOCK and come to Zhengzhou to participate in the event and meet the hardcore fans who have followed her for many years. Throughout the event, Chen Bailin not only shared the interesting facts and recent trends of her filming, she said that although she has been very busy recently, she is still willing to take time to participate in more activities that can be intimate with fans.
    A large number of Fans arrived early to wait for Chen Bailin to appear
        On the day of the event, a number of interactive sessions were specially arranged to allow Fans to take the stage to play live games with Chen Bailin. Fans who took the stage to play the game received the autographed DVD of Guanyin Mountain by Chen Bailin, and two lucky Fans got G-SHOCK Custom limited edition GW-6900. Chen Bailin was very devoted in the game, very close to fans, and there was no big star shelf. No wonder Fans at the scene, regardless of whether or not they took part in the stage, praised Chen Bailin’s style of being close to the people.
    Chen Bailin is very close to Fans without a shelf
    Chen Bailin with a limited edition G-SHOCK smiled
        Of course, G-SHOCK’s carefully prepared gifts will not only include lucky Fans. Chen Bailin also received unexpected surprises at the event. G-SHOCK specially customized a limited edition of GW-6900. The blue G-SHOCK and Chen Bailin were very dressed on the day. After matching, Chen Bailin, who took the watch, immediately put on the watch cheerfully, and also put on a stylish Pose, which led to a scream of fans in the audience. Bai Lin said that he also loves casual dressing every day, like G-SHOCK is also fashionable Charismatic and powerful sports watches are the best fit.
    When signing a fan, Chen Bailin did not forget to exchange two sentences. Fans praised his closeness to the people.
        Since participating in ‘The Blue Door’, Chen Bailin has merged with the person in the movie, and the boy next door has the same popularity for a while. Since then, Chen Bailin has started his own way of stardom in the movie circle. In the recent work Guanyin Mountain, Chen Bailin is no longer a pure little boy, but a man with a scumbag on his face. Chen Bailin said that he has passed the green years and is now a 100% man. In the future, there will be more different attempts, whether on the screen or in real life, to meet Fans with more different images, to give everyone a different impression, and hope to participate in more different types of activities, and Fans exchange.

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    Romantic Gifts From Earl Of Piaget Sunny Side Of Life

    One word of love, so turn the world. When two loving hearts touch each other, life sparks as the sparks of love bloom. Piaget’s wedding series witnesses the promise of eachother, and listens to the vows of knowing each other. With brilliant diamonds and rose gold and platinum, they will engraving the immortal love sweetly into the dazzling light of life With the groom and bride to start the dreamy SunnySideofLife, enter the next beautiful journey of life.
       Among thousands of people, they met each other at the right time, and the best love was achieved between ears and mills, and vows were signed. Piaget’s JardinSecret solitaire platinum ring (G34L4D00) becomes a united and everlasting bond between lovers. The diamond-studded ‘ribbons’ are intertwined, intertwined and intertwined like lovers. The single dazzling beautiful diamond in the center blooms under the refraction of sunlight Glory of love. Piaget carefully selected the diamonds with the highest comprehensive score in the four quality standards of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. After strict selection, they were carved with Piaget’s exquisite diamond cutting technology, combining outstanding aesthetics, making the diamond ring elegant and bright. .

       The consistent promise between lovers turned into a brilliant single diamond ring, Piaget’s classic wedding series became a symbol of unwavering love. The PiagetElegance ring (G34LK800) is lined with 7 crystal diamonds on each side of the main diamond. With a lucky number ‘7’ representing happiness, sincere blessings are given to lovers, thus opening a chapter of dazzling happiness. The PiagetPassion solitaire ring (G34L3A00) is surrounded by a single brilliant diamond with round brilliant-cut diamonds, and the beautifully carved diamond reed emits a brilliant light. It also integrates the love of love between Piaget SunnySideofLife’s life philosophy — —Unleash the energy and brilliance with the intimate company of your lover, and have a wonderful and happy time together. PiagetCelebration’s single diamond ring (G34L5B00) shows Piaget’s bold creativity, taking inspiration from the chic neckline design of the bride’s wedding dress, and drawing out the delicate and timeless lines, which is more pure and clear. Embrace the romance and sweetness that accompanied the Piaget diamond ring.

       The Possession ring becomes a witness to the fierce love on the day of the newcomer’s great joy. The iconic rotating ring depicts the two people knowing each other a thousand times. The ring is used as a medium to make love pass through the barriers of time and space and pass between lovers. The tender bowel turns and affectionate. Regardless of the setting of a single diamond or multiple diamonds surrounding it, the light of love flashes inadvertently. The new Possession series rose gold ring (G34P3D00) is set with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds. When it rotates freely, it exudes an elegant and charming light. I hope that love will revolve like a rotating ring. The hand of the child, and the old man, will write a love poem with this never-ending rotating ring, and spend SunnySideofLife together.

       In response to the sweet couple’s desire to record the eternal chapter of marriage, Piaget presents elegant men’s watches for men to outline ancient classics with aesthetic details. The Altiplano date watch is a collection of ultra-thin watchmaking and minimalist aesthetics. It is equipped with one of the world’s thinnest automatic movements (G0A38130). On the elegant and pure silver dial of the white gold watch, the date window at 9 o’clock and the small seconds dial at 5 o’clock echo the Altiplano calendar watch, adding a touch of elegance and comfort to the age.

       The PiagetPoloS series watch interprets Piaget’s classic and ingenious ‘tangible’ design. It cleverly integrates the pillow-shaped dial between the 42mm round case and promotes Piaget’s most representative styling aesthetics. This advancing style watch implicitly reveals the beauty of mechanical craftsmanship through the transparent sapphire crystal back case. At the same time, the chain link is exquisitely hand-hinged, showing the processing effect of polishing and matte matte, exuding elegant light on the man’s wrist, and describing the memory left by love in the flow of time (G0A41003).

       Count Piaget has always been the most intimate companion on the day of great love for lovers. In this sacred moment, the eternal vow that accompanies the love for a lifetime with the dazzling Piaget wedding series jewelry.