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    Crafted Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Watch

    Piaget launched the new ultra-thin hand-wound chronograph for the representative Altiplano series at the 25th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show. It is the first in the Altiplano series with a pure and modern style. Models with complex functions. Piaget has implemented the super-thin watch technology since 1957 to create a Piaget Altiplano chronograph watch with an ultra-thin record. The movement is only 4.65 mm thick and the case thickness is only 8.24 mm. This new member is the Piaget Extreme The slender watch legend is icing on the cake.
      Watch real shot show:

    The ultra-thin case has sharp lines, and every detail is meticulously carved and simple.

    The watch continues the simple style of the Altiplano collection

      The timeless, low-key PiagetAltiplano chronograph combines modern and traditional harmony. The ultra-thin case displays neat lines, and every detail is carefully crafted and simple. The watch continues the simple style of the Altiplano series, while balancing the complicated display required for complex functions, and combines the two with delicate craftsmanship. The dial is polished and polished by the sun’s radiant matte surface, revealing a radiant brilliance, coupled with single-row and double-row alternating time scales and slender Button hands, reflecting the classic design style of the Altiplano watch.

      Watch details real shot display:

    The dial is polished and polished by the sun’s radiant matte surface, revealing a brilliant light.

    The slender hands rotate with the rhythm.

    The slender and elegant chronograph button matches the streamlined ultra-thin 41 mm diameter case seamlessly.

    Straight lugs linking case and strap

    High-quality belts ensure extremely comfortable wearing.

    The watch uses an alligator strap with a pin buckle.

    The new 883P movement was developed by Piaget Piaget. It is based on one of the thinnest automatic winding movements on the market, the 880P.

    The movement is meticulously decorated with traditional watchmaking techniques, including the Côtes de Genève Geneva corrugated decoration, the main board is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugated finish, the table bridge is chamfered, the sun-radiated decorative gears and blue steel screws show unparalleled beauty.

      The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

      For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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    Swiss Radar 2012 Basel New

    RADO has introduced a series of new watches to showcase the latest materials and innovations in its watchmaking industry. The brand’s existing luxury and fashion watch styles are once again upgraded. Silicon nitride with a fine matte surface, coupled with high-tech metallic luster rose gold and bright gold, have promoted the diversified development of Swiss radars.
    Silicon nitride — ultra-light high-tech ceramics
        In 2012, the Rado True Thinline series of ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watches welcomed a new member. Limited to 1,000 pieces, this new watch is made of silicon nitride, an exclusive ultra-light ceramic material of the future.
        Silicon nitride is a man-made compound that was synthesized through several different chemical reactions. This material is used for mechanical and thermal applications due to its superior properties, such as automotive engine parts. This dark gray material is polished to a very smooth matte surface, giving it a sophisticated look and unique high-tech charm.
        The silicon case replaces the general case and traditionally used brass hands, adding a new look to this series of ultralight urban watches. The strap is made of carbon fiber reinforced rubber, giving this perfect watch a high standard of comfort and incredible ingenuity, made for those who seek the vitality of life and refuse to compromise on style.
    Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet in rose gold — hard material with soft gold feel
        The new RADO Specchio and RADO HyperChrome models use rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics, broadening the color spectrum of high-tech ceramics, and reinventing the Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics palette. Add new colors.
    Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets, which have been developed through several years of research and development and a revolutionary injection molding process, are the successful combination of titanium carbide metal alloys for high-tech ceramics. Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets have the same qualities and advantages as high-tech ceramics, and they present a new metallic appearance, enhancing these qualities and advantages. This material is light and easy to adjust to skin temperature, making it more comfortable for the wearer. The high-pressure injection molding process changes the composition of each element to form a unique rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet with a natural golden sheen.
        The combination of rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets with black or white high-tech ceramics and steel presents an amazingly unique look that instantly makes any outfit look attractive. Rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets have all the features of Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets, including unmatched wearing comfort, and adding an extra elegant touch to the boutique collection.
    Gold plasma treatment of high-tech ceramics-makes non-abrasion characteristics more outstanding and presents brilliant colors
        The fascination of high-end watchmaking is clearly demonstrated by the unique plasma treatment of RADO, the white high-tech ceramics complete the color change during the vacuum plasma processing. Since 1998, the existing platinum-steel-colored plasma treatment has been used, and today the Swiss radar uses the high-tech ceramic gold plasma treatment for the first time.
        The gold plasma treatment is biocompatible and hypoallergenic, allowing watch wearers to enjoy the advantages that gold does not have, including ultra-light weight and incomparable hard-wearing properties. This innovative process extends and extends the high hardness characteristics of high-tech ceramics, while still maintaining the well-known comfort characteristics of this dynamic material.
        All these exciting new innovations testify to how RADO continues to make breakthroughs and innovations in its high-tech materials sector to produce the ideal watch with the latest technology and watchmaking expertise.