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    Happy New Year Congratulations: Bvlgari Presents Serpenti Tubogas Watch 2015 New Year Limited Edition

    To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Bvlgari has specially launched the 2015 New Year Limited Edition of the Serpenti Tubogas Watch exclusively for Greater China. It is limited to 30 pieces worldwide and is only available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. For sale.
       Combining the classic symbols of the brand in one, the two classics of Bulgari’s creation: Serpentine and Tubogas’ Serpenti Tubogas series watches, which are both jewel-like gorgeous gestures and watch functions. One of the most popular styles in the Rebecca watch series, especially with the rose gold-shaped curved straps with a moist color, the unparalleled distinguished texture is most loved by snake fans. In order to express blessings and celebrations to the Chinese New Year, Bvlgari has specially created a new and unique Serpenti Tubogas 2015 New Year Limited Edition. This watch is made of rose gold and the crown is set with an egg face. The cut pink tourmaline, the most chic and prominent design, is the elegant white lacquered dial decorated with rose gold totems like serpentine scales, and the rose gold curved strap twined by two circles, which complement each other, showing a magnificent momentum. , Making this unique limited edition watch with bold, charming and elegant and diverse looks at the same time.
       The Serpenti Tubogas watch is based on the classic Serpenti design and is the most enduring symbol of Bulgari’s creative world. ‘Snake’ is the source of inspiration for all civilized worlds, especially China. In Chinese culture, this creature not only symbolizes life, but also represents wisdom and eternity. It transcends the boundaries of time and displays its immortal charm.
    About Serpenti Tubogas
       In the 1960s, Bulgari reintroduced Tubogas, an ancient 19th-century goldsmith craftsmanship that has been lost since the 1940s. The name was inspired by old airways. As an Italian jewellery brand, Bvlgari uses this technology to create many unique watches, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Today, Bvlgari has become the leading jewellery brand. This process has also become the registration mark of the Serpenti series. This series is inseparable. Behind this rigorous goldsmith’s craftsmanship lies two top-grade gold or stainless steel strip designs. The shape is a sharply cut circular contour. The length of up to five meters can be wrapped elegantly around the wrist. After a long preparation process, these metal satin ribbons are shaped and covered with copper or wooden spools, and the edgings can perfectly blend with each other to form a continuous metal refining belt without welding. After careful completion of this procedure, the spool can be removed or dissolved in an acidic liquid. The extremely soft Tubogas fits perfectly to the curvature of the wrist and presents stunning visual effects.