The Model Series Of The Athens Watch Is Decrypted

The most common model numbers of Athens watches (ULYSSE-NARDIN) are generally three-stage, such as 223-88-7 / 62, 330-40LE-8
First paragraph: movement and case
For the first two positions, the movement, such as 22, means that the UN22 movement is used.
1st place, case material
 0-white gold
 1-yellow gold
 2-red gold
 3-stainless steel
 4-two tune
 5-two tune
 6-rose gold
Second paragraph: appearance
Top 2 positions, case shape
Make up 2 places, (optional) structural improvement, face plate improvement
The third paragraph: strap, dial
First digit, strap type
 3-various rubber straps
 7-All kinds of steel straps
 8-Various gold straps
 9-Platinum strap
 Blank-Do not write to indicate various types of leather straps.
Add one digit, (optional) there will be some letters after the number to describe the strap type, such as M, which often appears after the metal strap, indicating that the strap has a brushed handle)
Last 2 digits, dial type

Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch, Tailored For Women

In the history of American culture, Pop Art is one of them. It was all the rage in the 1970s! Use color in a humorous way, or express art with themes of flamboyance, joy, or optimism? When all this is questioned, Pop Art stands out-becoming synonymous with artistic challenge, subversion and reinterpretation! Speaking of Pop Art, its founder Andy Warhol and his most famous portrait, Marilyn Monroe, instantly came to mind. In the Big Bang series, Wave What brilliant sparks did pop art collide with?
   Rose pink, blue, bright purple, apple green, the explosion and collision of colors are perfectly integrated in the four watches-colorful and vibrant, this is a 100% remodeling of Pop Art and Interpretation is the pioneer of fine watchmaking.
   The series is made of gold and stainless steel. At the same time, it continues the iconic 41 mm diameter design of Big Bang. The bezel is set with 48 square stones. Among them, the blue watch bezel is set with blue topaz, and the bright purple watch bezel is set with amethyst. , Rose pink watch bezel set with pink sapphire, apple green watch bezel set with tsavorite. The dial is equipped with colorful chronograph dials, which evoke people’s memories of the painter’s palette. At the same time, the colored alligator leather strap is lined with the same color natural rubber, providing skin-friendly comfort and flexibility.
   The Big Bang Pop Art watch is equipped with the HUB4300 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement and a calendar pane at 4 o’clock, which attracts the attention of professional watch connoisseurs. Power reserve of more than 40 hours, waterproof depth up to 100 meters, durable and suitable for various occasions.

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch
Technical Parameters
341.SL.5199.LR.1907.POP14 (Small Blue) Limited Edition 200
341.SV.5199.LR.1905.POP14 (Li Xuan purple) limited edition 200
341.VP.5199.LR.1933.POP14 (Golden Rose) Limited Edition 200
341.VG.5199.LR.1922.POP14 (Gold Apple) Limited Edition 200
Case Big Bang 41mm diameter polished, satin-finished stainless steel
Big Bang 41mm diameter polished, satin-finished 18K 3N yellow gold
Bezel Platinum or Polished 18K 3N Yellow Gold
6 H-shaped titanium screws, countersunk, polished, locked
-Orb-blue bezel set with 48 square blue topaz
-Stunning purple bezel set with 48 square amethysts
-Gold rose bezel set with 48 square pink sapphires
-Gold Apple bezel set with 48 square tsavorites
Table mirror Sapphire mirror, anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside
Lugs Same-color synthetic resin
Surface side Same color synthetic resin
Case back Brushed satin-finished steel with anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside treated sapphire mirror
Crown Stainless steel / 18K 3N yellow gold with natural rubber inserts of the same color
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
Dial Matte blue dial with rhodium-plated or gold-plated decals, calendar pane at 4 o’clock
HUB4300 automatic mechanical chronograph movement
Number of parts 278 (37 gem bearings)
Power reserve about 42 hours
Strap Blue or purple or pink or green crocodile leather strap lined with the same color natural rubber
Buckle Stainless steel or alloy-coated 18K3N gold folding buckle

Lighthouse In The Water: Mido’s New Ocean Star Diving Watch

The Strait of Gibraltar is the main channel of communication between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, and it is also an important strait that separates Spain from North Africa and Morocco. Due to the large number of ships passing by, the lighthouse was guided, making the European lighthouse (Europa Point) at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula a famous landmark. And we all know that Mido has always loved to draw inspiration from architecture-yes, this year’s new Ocean Star series of watches is exactly using this lighthouse as an indicator.

Taking inspiration from famous buildings has always been Mido’s expertise. This year’s new Ocean Star series watches incorporate the Europa Point of the Buruo Strait into the details of the faceplate.

   The history of the Ocean Star series can be traced back to 1944, that is, 72 years ago. The original name of Ocean Star was to emphasize its waterproof performance. After changing between 1960, 1990, 2005, 2010 and other years, finally, This year it debuted again with a brand new look. Inspired by Europa Point, the new Ocean Star series watches incorporate the red and white design of the lighthouse into the hands and hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock.

Ocean Star Captain Caliber 80 titanium (left) / stainless steel (right) case, aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel, diameter 42.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, luminous hands in time Standard, Mido Caliber 80 self-winding movement, 80-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, special engraved case back, waterproof 200 meters, titanium / stainless steel chain.

   Although there is no ultra-strong waterproof performance up to 1000 meters, but because ordinary people will not really wear a watch to dive to such an unreachable depth, the 200 meters water resistance of a watch is actually quite enough. The new Ocean Star has also taken a more elegant route in appearance design. Of course, there is no problem with casual clothing. It is not strange to wear a suit.

The watch uses titanium as the case, which is extremely light and holds almost no weight in the hand.

   In addition to the stainless steel version of the new Ocean Star, Mido also uses an extremely lightweight titanium material as the case. It has almost no weight in the hand and is comfortable to wear. What’s more, the titanium dial is sandblasted to show a grainy texture, which is different from the normal smooth dial.

The sandblasted dial creates a unique grainy texture that is different from ordinary surfaces.

   Also made of stainless steel, Mido also launched a rose gold PVD model to enhance the elegance of the watch; with a rubber strap, the whole watch looks more like it is going to wear it out of the outdoors. Although the summer is coming to an end, the sultry weather seems to last for a while, so if you really want to wear it to the beach to ventilate, there should be plenty of time to do so.

Ocean Star Captain Caliber 80 PVD stainless steel case with rose gold, unidirectional rotating bezel, 42.5 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, date, day of the week, luminous hands and time markers, Mido Caliber 80 automatic winding Movement, 80-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass surface, special engraved case back, waterproof 200 meters, rubber strap.

   If you flip the watch over the case back, you will find a huge starfish embossed on it. Of course, it is not a big star in SpongeBob, nor is it a gem starfish in the Pokémon illustrated book; in fact, the starfish pattern on the Ocean Star bottom cover is derived from the exclusive logo when Mido first launched the Ocean Star watch in 1944. This is why the brand chose to present it on the case back, instead of revealing the Caliber 80 movement with a transparent caseback.

The new Ocean Star watch has an embossed starfish pattern on the case back, which is the exclusive logo of Mido when it first launched the Ocean Star series in 1944.

   Speaking of Caliber 80, this movement has been quite mature since its inception and has been well received. It has an absolute power reserve of 80 hours. After all, a good part of the movement has only 48 to 72 hours of energy storage. By comparison, a power reserve of more than 3 is indeed more practical. And just like Mido’s price for a long time, the new Ocean Star watch is also launched at a very affordable number; under the condition of both appearance texture and movement performance, I believe it will not let Mido watch fans down.

Longines New At Basel 2016: The New Watch Of Jialan Series – Decorate With Color

La Grande Classique de Longines showcases the brand’s long-standing aesthetic tradition. The classic and elegant slim shape gives the collection a timeless and timeless charm. Today, Longines adds new masterpieces to this iconic collection and gives them a richer color.

   Longines Jialan watches were born in 1992, showing the original essence of the brand design tradition. Since then, this series has symbolized the classic elegance and charm of Longines. It has been selected by those who know how to appreciate treasures and shine on people’s wrists.
   Today, Longines gives this series a more elegant charm with its diverse dial and strap colors. A swish of pink, blue, or white lingers around your wrist to witness the most wonderful moments in life.
   The new style inherits the slim charm of Longines Jialan series. The stainless steel case is equipped with a quartz movement and is only 4.20 or 4.45 mm thick. Models with a diameter of 24 mm or 29 mm are equipped with a delicate and diverse mother-of-pearl dial with a star background in pink, blue or white. Sparkling diamond inlays add to the delicate dial and elegant case. The pink, blue or white alligator leather strap echoes the dial’s soft color scheme, presenting a harmonious overall design. The stainless steel bracelet, with its exquisite design, fits the watch closely to the wrist.
   The new style retains all the characteristics of the Longines Jialan series, making this famous iconic series present the pure watchmaking craftsmanship carved by Longines over time, as well as contemporary elegance.
[Watch description]

Longines Jialan Series Stainless Steel Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4. Reference Price: RMB 11,100
   Longines adds a new style to its iconic Garland watch and gives them a richer color. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 24 mm is equipped with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial features a blue star-shaped background with a sapphire scratch-resistant mirror. The blue alligator leather strap echoes the soft color of the dial, presenting a harmonious overall design.

Longines Jialan Series Stainless Steel Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4. Reference Price: RMB 11,100
   Longines adds a new style to its iconic Garland watch and gives them a richer color. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 24 mm is equipped with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial features a white star-shaped background with a sapphire scratch-resistant mirror. This model is paired with an elegant stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Jialan Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4. Reference Price: New Price
   Longines adds a new style to its iconic Garland watch and gives them a richer color. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 24 mm is equipped with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial features a white star background and brilliant diamond hour markers. The white alligator leather strap echoes the soft color of the dial, presenting a harmonious overall design.

Longines Jialan Series Stainless Steel Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4.512.4.04.2 Reference Price: New Price
Longines adds a new style to its iconic Garland watch and gives them a richer color. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 29 mm is equipped with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial features a pink star-shaped background with a sapphire scratch-resistant mirror. The pink alligator leather strap echoes the soft color of the dial, presenting a harmonious overall design.
Technical Parameters
Watch number: stainless steel
L4.209.4.03 / 04 / 05.x diameter 24.00 mm
L4.512.4.03 / 04 / 05.x diameter 29.00 mm
Stainless steel, bezel set with diamonds
L4.241.0.23 / 24 / 25.x diameter 24.00 mm
L4.513.0.23 / 24 / 25.x diameter 29.00 mm
Movement: quartz movement
L209 (ETA E03.001) diameter 24.00 mm
L420 (ETA 282.001) diameter 29.00 mm
Function: hour, minute
Case: round, stainless steel, 24.00 mm diameter, or 29.00 mm diameter
Round, steel, diamonds
48 diamonds, 0.403 carats, top Wesselton diamonds 24.00 mm in diameter
56 diamonds, 0.470 carats, top Wesselton diamonds 29.00 mm diameter
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Water resistance: Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)
Dial White and blue mother-of-pearl, star background (stainless steel)
White and blue mother-of-pearl with 4 diamond hour markers, star background (steel and diamond model)
White and pink mother-of-pearl, star background (stainless steel)
White and pink mother-of-pearl with 4 diamond hour markers, star background (steel and diamond model)
White mother-of-pearl, star background (stainless steel)
White mother-of-pearl with 4 diamond hour markers, star background (steel and diamond)
Pointer black rod pointer
Bracelet Blue Alligator Strap Buckle Strap
Pink Alligator Belt Buckle Strap
White Alligator Belt Buckle Strap
Stainless steel bracelet with triple folding safety clasp

Roger Dubuy Cordially Invites Visitors To Enter A 21st Century Unique Mechanical Feast

Left brain, right brain, a spirit that combines retro and future, a tribute to inventors and enthusiastic scientists, a series of creative movements with style and characteristics, several of which are opposed to smelting copper and iron The latest technology … Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis designed a brand new and unique exhibition venue for the re-launched Hommage series at this SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, once again bringing visitors an extraordinary journey of surprise: A modern interpretation to express tribute to traditional watchmaking, the sci-fi hyper-realistic spirit of the post-industrial period and steam punk to show the rich combination of mechanical aesthetics and organic creation. Roger Dubuis is proud to take the opportunity of the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition held at the beginning of each year to showcase two recently launched works and reveal the latest features of its complicated and sophisticated timepieces. This year, Roger Dubuis dedicates this exhibition to the Hommage series, once again providing people with an opportunity to enter the world of time and space, showing an infinitely fit theme, which reflects the visual and Roger Dubuis expertise Contrast effect of concept.

 In addition to inspiring imagination and inspiration, Roger Dubuis’s exhibitions at the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition also played an educational role, providing a charming perspective on the relationship between the past, present and future of watches. . In this way, with the emphasis on patterns and visual inspirations, the creations of some of the greatest inventors in history are connected with the innovative spirit that Roger Dubuis attaches importance to, which perfectly explains Roger Dubuis’traditional science. Innovative way of applying the essence of clockwork principle to today’s watchmaking.

Stunning And Handsome Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronograph Real Shot

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis once again achieves this self-permissive and permanent task through a striking and handsome chronograph: re-interpretation of classical elements, making the watch bold and confident in the fierce competition Debut. Among the many additional functions of the timepiece, the chronograph is classified as a ‘complexity of practicality’ and has never been favored in this era of high performance and sports achievements.

   This chronograph has two models in rose gold and white gold. Its power comes from the brand’s ‘extraordinary machinery’, which is transformed into an RD680 movement with a miniature rotor. This is the purpose of Roger Dubuis. A representative movement developed to guarantee the watch’s superior performance and optimize watchmaking processes.
   The sapphire crystal on the case back is specially engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis in metal lettering. The unique shape of its splint, spring and lever completely inherits the characteristics of Roger Dubuis movement, and its 261 The components are all finished by hand and fully meet the requirements of the Geneva mark for superior quality.
  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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Iwc Iwc Advanced Watchmaking China Tour Exhibition Beijing Kai Curtain

A few days ago, the internationally renowned watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen in Switzerland opened its exclusive store in Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center to present an elegant environment and sincere service. At the same time, the first stop of IWC’s China watchmaking exhibition tour site was located in Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center, and the new IWC IWC Financial Street store opened.

 ‘IWC IWC Advanced Watchmaking China Tour’ aims to share with the watch enthusiasts IWC’s century-old excellence in the field of advanced watchmaking technology. The exhibition design is inspired by a precision movement, centered on a beautiful silver ‘gear’, with black ceramic texture, creating a low-key and noble kingdom of watches. The exhibition is divided into three areas: watch masterpieces, watchmaking technology, and peak starry sky. In the exhibition area, dozens of complex mechanical timepieces belonging to the Portuguese series, the engineer series, and the Portofino series are very eye-catching.

 The tour will be held in 10 cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Dalian, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Kunming, Hefei, Tianjin, etc. The exhibition will show the brand’s six series of classic products and long brand stories with elegant designs. Perpetual calendars and other watchmaking technology essences are presented in detail, and Swiss national treasure-level watchmakers from Schaffhausen will also be present at the scene. Watch fans can experience the mechanical beauty and ingenuity of fine watchmaking in this exhibition.

Introduction To Diving Watch Basics

Although the deep underwater world is full of fun to explore the unknown, there is also the possibility of unpredictable danger if you are not fully prepared. At this time, a reliable diving watch will not only let you know the time, but also help you successfully complete this wonderful journey. The source of this security, in addition to the diving watch’s solid waterproof depth, is also reflected in the following 5 major functions.

Function 1 Anti-corrosive flexible strap
水下 Under water, no matter we move our arms or operate the instrument, we need to flex our wrists flexibly. At this time, the watch needs to be closely fitted and fixed on the wrist. Although many diving watches are equipped with metal straps, the chemical composition in the seawater will cause slight corrosion, so it is still recommended to replace with rubber straps with better water resistance and corrosion resistance during diving. Some brands now also develop A canvas or rayon strap is also a good choice.
This watch is equipped with a wide rubber or synthetic fiber strap. The reserved strap length can fully enclose the thickened underwater thermal diving suit, which is not only flexible and safe.

Tag Heuer 500m CALIBRE 5 & ldquo; All Black & rdquo; watch
Function 2 screw-down non-slip crown
哪里 Where is the most susceptible part of a watch? The answer is definitely the crown, because the crown is the only part that connects the outside world with the movement. In order to prevent water from entering the movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called a screw-in crown & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; a waterproof rubber ring made of rubber is added to the joint of the crown. When tightened, the water is tightly isolated from the watch (similar to the rubber pads at the water pipe valves in our home). There are also many diving watches that have been upgraded. Not only do they have larger crowns, but they also add deeper pits to them, making them more slippery and convenient for underwater operations.
The screw-down crown makes deep groove patterns easier to grasp, and it also has double-layer safety washers to enhance the dust-proof and waterproof effect.

Mido Perfection Automatic Helium Diver Watch
Function 3 rows of helium
& Ldquo; Helium discharge & rdquo; belongs to a very professional function, it is usually used for professional diving watches (waterproof more than 1000m). Because it is impossible for a full-time diver to travel to and from the sea every time he works in the deep sea, this will waste too much time on decompression (see the watch class). Therefore, they must live in a high-pressure diving tank in the deep sea for a long time, but at this time, a considerable amount of gas will be dissolved in the blood, so the air used in the diving tank is generally a mixture of helium and oxygen. And because helium molecules are smaller than water molecules, when we are under high pressure for a long time, the helium molecules will infiltrate the waterproof watch and fill it with high-pressure helium. Once it returns to the water surface, the high-pressure helium in the watch cannot be shorter. When the time runs out, the watch will explode due to high voltage.
独特 Its unique automatic helium exhaust valve treatment can ensure that the watch is absolutely safe and reliable even if it is placed in a deep-sea diving cabin for a long time.

Tudor HYDRO 1200 watch
Function 4 luminous indicator
Walking in the dark and helpless water, we will strongly appreciate the yearning for light. As the basis for reading underwater, all diving watches will be equipped with eye-catching luminous hands and scales. Usually the hands, scales or surfaces of diving watches are coated with fluorescent materials, and the dimensions of the hands and scales are deliberately enlarged to make it easier for divers to read. The early luminous material was radium, which was discontinued because it contained excessive radioactive elements. The most commonly used luminous material is Super-LumiNova. It absorbs the gamma particles in the light to store light and can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours (but the intensity of the light emission will have an attenuation effect after a certain period).
Its wide hands and hour markers are added with a luminous coating. Even the original fine second hand has added a dot-dot luminous indicator at the end, and of course also includes a 12-point shield-shaped logo.

Hublot King Extreme Deep Sea Quest Dive Watch
Function 5 rotating bezel
The rotating bezel reminds you of the diving time. The scale of the rotating bezel is 15, 30, 45, because oxygen cylinders for general diving can only adhere to 45 minutes (some are labeled 60 minutes). The first 15 minutes are coloured or specially marked, as divers will strictly adhere to a 15-minute safety stop during ascent to decompress the dive. Generally, just turn the bezel during the dive, make the 0 scale on the bezel align with the minute hand, and then watch the scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves to know the time spent diving. Of course, you can also count down. First of all, know your dive time. Turn the bezel to align the minute scale with the minute hand, and then the time when the minute hand reaches the 0 scale of the bezel is your diving limit time. The rotation of the external bezel is mostly designed in a single counterclockwise direction. This is to ensure that the calculation time is only accounted for more, not accounted for, and to prevent delays and danger. In recent years, the emerging built-in chronograph bezel has no restriction on the direction of rotation, because the crown that controls the bezel must be locked before launching.
Not only can provide water resistance up to 4000 meters and built-in rotating bezel, but also a powerful protective bridge is added above the crown that controls the rotating bezel at 2 o’clock.
Watch small classroom
What is diving decompression?
When we are in a high-pressure environment (above about 15 meters of water depth), gas will be dissolved in the blood due to high pressure (usually inhaled nitrogen). If we leave the high-pressure environment for a short time, the gas in the blood will be bubbled due to the release of pressure. The form dissolves blood (like when the bottle is opened with soda and bubbles popping up). At this time, people with slight nosebleeds immediately due to high blood pressure or air embolism (commonly known as diver’s disease), sore bones, and headaches. Angina pectoris, cerebral hypoxia, and even cerebral hemorrhage. To avoid this, only long-term decompression will not cause gas in the blood, so whether it is leisure or professional diving, the appropriate decompression time is absolutely important! Generally, when diving more than 15 meters, you must stay at a depth of 10 meters for about 5 minutes, so that your body gradually decompresses to be safe

Because Of Love, Stay In Eternity Glashütte Original 2014 Valentine’s Day Romantic Recommendation

Love is the persistence of loyalty and the warmth of happiness. In Traveling Around the Flying House, Carl used colorful balloons to take the old house to Paradise Falls. It was an agreement of some kind, but he set sail in love in his twilight years. When love flies in the clear sky, time will stop here, and the moment will be framed into an eternal beauty in an ancient and rustic way. Another year of love for lovers, Glashütte original selection and recommendation of the Seventies Panorama Date watch and the ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch, with the bright and gorgeous golden hands flowing out of the eternal witness between the square inches, showing the most authentic The retro charm of the perfect interpretation of the romantic feelings of capturing the heart of love-life and death are broad, talk with the child, hold the hand, and grow old with the child.

 The Seventies Panorama Date men’s watch celebrates German design and the tradition of Glashütte watchmaking. It inherits the traditional German design and essence. The streamlined stainless steel case design fully reflects the charming vintage era and perfectly displays the uniqueness of urban elites. Personality charm. Another proud feature of this series is the inlaid three-dimensional hour markers and rose gold hands, and the arc-shaped sapphire crystal case back provides excellent abrasion resistance and comfort. The steel case reveals the original appearance and charm of the original era, witnessing the purest elegant time. This watch is equipped with a Cal. 39-47 self-winding movement. This high-quality movement can be seen at a glance through the curved sapphire crystal case back, showing all the original classic elements of Glashütte, confirming the superb manufacturing Watch craftsmanship continues to develop in Glashütte Original.

 Pavonina, from the Latin ‘pavoninus’ representing the peacock, is reminiscent of brilliant colors and gorgeously shining beauty. And the original ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch from German top watchmaking brand Glashütte also bears its fascinating light, which shows the infinite charm of modern urban women. The striking case design of the ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina has a long history, and the unique ‘pillow’ design extracts the essence from retro, making it show the modern feeling beyond retro. Glashütte’s original designers added innovative designs to this classic style, and carefully selected various possible combinations to make them more consistent with contemporary women’s aesthetic standards. This elegant timepiece uses a two-tone combination of stainless steel and red gold, which is simple and stylish. The dial is full of fascinating details, the exquisite guilloche pattern at the center of the dial, the date window at 6 o’clock, and the fine hands with red gold materials perfectly interpret the ever-changing modern women.

Seiko Opens New Boutique In Knightsbridge, London

On August 10, 2017, Seiko opened a new boutique in central London. Brand President and Chief Operating Officer Shuji Takahashi, Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Koji Tsuruoka, and TV host Jonathan Ross attended the opening ribbon cutting ceremony. ceremony.

   The boutique is located at 57 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. The store showcases selected timepiece creations, including Astron GPS Solar, Presage, Prospex and Premier watches. In addition, the store also displays the most comprehensive Grand Seiko watch products in Europe.
   This boutique offers watch lovers a rare opportunity to explore and experience the world of precision watchmaking. Seiko has a history of 136 years, a landmark technical achievement, and its watchmaking technology has unparalleled diversity. As one of the few vertically integrated watchmakers in the world, the movements of each Seiko watch are manufactured and assembled by the brand itself, which is the only fundamental guarantee for highest quality, performance and durability.
   ‘Seiko has always wanted to open a boutique in London, and we’re glad we have now found the perfect address to show the world the full range of Seiko and Grand Seiko products,’ Shuji Takahashi commented, ‘I guarantee that every customer who visits Can enjoy a unique and rich rewarding experience. ‘