Gp Girard Perregaux Constant Power Escapement Watch Is Officially Launched. Epoch-making Technology Breakthrough Makes Its Debut

GP Girard-Perregaux released a prototype of Constant Escapement a few years ago, which shocked many watch art connoisseurs; GP Girard-Perregaux’s five-year research and development revolutionized the technology A field of technology that has never been involved in watchmaking, it is now officially assembled in the Haute Horlogerie series, writing an important chapter in the research on the stability of escapement systems.

 Girard-Perregaux named Constant Escapement Constant Escapement to pay tribute to the founder Constant Girard-Perregaux, whose name is in keeping with the technical challenge that has plagued watchmakers for centuries-constant force By coincidence, Girard Perregaux was determined to develop a constant-power escapement technology with a revolutionary concept.

 Five years ago GP Girard-Perregaux published a constant-power escapement that was exciting. The extremely lightweight escapement was not only beautiful, but also had great potential for practical application. It is the ultimate precision of mechanical watches pursued by the watchmaking industry in the century. And stability, providing a new and reliable technical solution.

 To understand the importance of constant-power escapement technology, first return to the basic principle of mechanical watch operation: the escapement structure regularly transmits the energy of the barrel to the drive wheel system and controls the speed of the pointer operation, just like a faucet controls water Throat output is the same.

 The key to the entire power transmission process is not the escapement speed or wobble frequency, but its stability: no matter whether the wobble frequency is three or four times per second or even a thousand times, the accuracy of the travel time is ultimately tied to the wobble frequency, which can maintain stability for a long time.

 Many escapement structures have appeared in the past few hundred years, and they did not become mainstream until the introduction of Swiss lever escapement technology. Most mechanical watches still use this technology today. However, the Swiss lever escapement has a disadvantage, that is, how much power is transmitted from the barrel. It can only send the same power to the balance wheel. The problem is that the power of the barrel is slowly consumed, and the stable power is precisely timed. The key is that the power decreases, and the balance of the balance wheel also decreases. As the watch lacks power, the accuracy of the travel time is difficult to maintain. This phenomenon can be said to be a mantra that troubles the watchmaker.

 The principle of the constant power escapement system is that it can output stable and constant power to the balance wheel no matter how much power is transmitted from the barrel. GP Girard-Perregaux’s revolutionary technology is to add a very thin elastic silicon hairspring to the escapement system, which can store energy within a certain limit. When approaching a stable threshold, a hairspring appears. The unstable state, and the energy is sent out in real time in the form of wave vibration, and it repeatedly provides stable and average power to the balance wheel.

 You can understand this process visually: Hold a business card vertically with your thumb and forefinger, apply a little pressure to bend the business card into a left-opening bracket “(), and then apply pressure to the bent side to a certain limit. The business card will snap and bend in the other direction, and it will turn into the opposite right-closed bracket ”. Try everything.

 This phenomenon is called buckling, and GP Girard-Perregaux hairspring experts extended it to the concept of buckling hairspring: an elastic silicon hairspring as thin as six points and one hair plays the role of energy storage. The wheel has very little power, and when it reaches the critical point, it bends to the other side and sends the power back to the balance wheel. This process is not affected by the change of the spring power, and the same power is output to the balance wheel every time.

 Most of the constant power technology in the past is the average value of the total power over a period of time, but the Girard-Perregaux technology is a real-time, constant and constant-power escapement in real time, and can be measured by laboratory test methods.

 The constant power escapement of GP Girard Perregaux is a symmetrical structure, but it is not an aesthetic consideration. Instead, it can balance the power in the center of the balance wheel, so that the balance wheel can rotate completely smoothly.

 Both ends of the hairspring are fixed on the frame, and the hairspring and the frame are integrally formed by a silicon crystal. This structure can accurately connect the power contact points and bend the hairspring to the other side. Although the principle is simple, it requires extremely high accuracy in practice. Without silicon crystal technology and DRIE etching technology, it would be difficult to achieve. Girard-Perregaux collaborated with Swiss Electronics and Micro-engineering Centre in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The watchmakers and physicists on both sides went through complex calculation procedures to determine the characteristics of the hairspring and the factors affecting the bending point, and finally decided to integrate them. The forming technology makes the hairspring vibrate as if floating in the air. Except for the moment of pushing and contracting, basically no friction occurs, so that the hairspring returns the power directly to the balance wheel.

 Elastic balance springs are the heart of a constant dynamic escapement system, vibrating at a frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 times per hour); however, GP Girard-Perregaux watches have conducted other studies on vibration frequencies, but the purpose is not to simply challenge higher speed swing frequencies.

 The two escapement wheels are quite different from the escapement wheels of the lever escapement system. The escapement wheel with a frequency of 3 Hz has three teeth and the escapement wheel with a frequency of 4 Hz has four teeth. The movement has multiple days of power and the dial has The linear power reserve display can show the efficiency of the escapement system for a long time; the movement power is provided by two parallel barrels, which includes a new patented design: the barrel cover and the pawl are integrally formed to make the best use of it. Movement space; each winding drum has two winding springs; in addition, Girard-Perregaux has applied for registration of two patents, including the hairspring technology published in 2008, and the other one for the first time in the flexible system ) With limit stops.

 Although the balance spring and escape wheel are most ideally made of silicon, the final escapement wheel is made of other materials; the main body of the brass movement is treated with black PVD coating to add a sense of time; the modified structure of the movement has both a three-dimensional effect and See the excellent tradition of Girard Perregaux, for example, near the dial, the brand’s classic three bridge plywood is arranged in a new layout, and the back of the movement has two arrow-shaped plywood.

 Girard-Perregaux designed this escapement to take into account future maintenance factors. The entire escapement structure is a module that can be handled by a designated watchmaker.

 The first constant-power escapement

 The case design with the revolutionary constant-power escapement is ingenious and perfectly demonstrates the value of this innovative technology.

 Girard Perregaux Haute Horlogerie The first constant-power escapement watch, combining cutting-edge technological achievements and time-honored design, and strictly adhere to the brand’s traditional design style; white gold case diameter 48 mm, curved ring Beautiful.

 The dial layout emphasizes the structure of the butterfly wing frame of the constant power escapement system and the structure of the elastic hairspring. The hour dial is moved to the 12 o’clock position, with two spring drums on the left and right, and a linear power reserve display at 9 o’clock.

 Below the dial is the stage where the constant-power escapement is unveiled, swinging at a frequency of 21,600 times (3 Hz) per hour, and the new arrangement of Girard-Perregaux classic three bridge splints can be seen through anti-glare crystal glass.

 The thickness of the manual-winding movement is less than 8 mm, the case thickness is 14.63 mm, and the crystal glass back is set with 6 screws. You can see the three-dimensional movement structure and decorative beauty. It is equipped with a hand-stitched crocodile leather watch. Belts and discounts; belonging to Haute Horlogerie.

Girard-Perregaux Constant Power Escapement
Technical specifications

Polished white gold case
Diameter: 48.00 mm
Bezel: Frosted Bezel
Table mirror: curved anti-glare crystal glass
Crown: White gold crown with GP logo
Dial: Silver-toned dial with rhodium-plated details
Pointer: Crown Princess
Case back: Crystal glass with 6 screws, hand carved
Water resistance: 30 meters

Girard-Perregaux Movement MVT-009100-0007 manual winding movement
Movement diameter: 17 1/2 legal minutes
Swing frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: about 7 days
Gems: 28
Parts: 271
Functions: hours, minutes, central seconds, linear power reserve display

Strap: Black alligator strap, discount
Number: 93500-53-131-BA6C

GP Girard Perregaux constant power escapement technology highlights

 Revolutionary concept, aiming to solve the constant power technology challenge that the watchmaking industry strives to surpass, with the new escapement system construction and design, to create a breakthrough level of precise time (including three patented technologies)

   Unprecedented precision performance: not limited by the constant decrease of the power of the traditional mechanical clockwork drum, outputting stable and constant power to the balance wheel, so that the swing amplitude and accuracy remain highly stable.

 Cutting-edge materials and innovative technology: The elastic silicon hairspring is only 14 microns thick, which is one-sixth of a human hair.

 Innovative dual spring barrel technology (patent pending), the total length of the mainspring reaches 3 meters, providing a long power reserve and a linear power reserve display

 Innovative watch design inspired by the traditional design of Girard Perregaux

Girard Perregaux: Changing the Tick of Time

The electronic instrument is used to record and analyze the ticking sound produced when the two gems of the Swiss escapement collide with the steel teeth of the escape wheel.

But for the revolutionary constant-power escapement system, the traditional electronic instrument is useless, and its accuracy must be transmitted through the laser camera.

The wonderful sound of the constant power escapement marks a new milestone in modern watchmaking technology.

CSEM: Innovation Partner

CSEM, Centre Suisse d ‘Electronique et de Microtechnique (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) provides its partners with integrated technology and manufacturing solutions based on its cutting-edge technology standards; CSEM technology and GP Girard-Perregaux’s top watchmaking processes and experience It is a perfect combination, and is the best partner for Girard-Perregaux to develop highly accurate, three-dimensional miniature silicon parts.

Silicon materials are lightweight, antimagnetic, extremely low coefficient of friction, no lubrication, high elasticity, and no material fatigue. These unique material characteristics are best suited for the constant power escapement of Girard-Perregaux watches. compared to. DRIE etching technology can produce silicon parts with extremely complicated shapes, and the size is extremely accurate, providing designers with greater design flexibility.

Celebrity Charity Night Everyone Cares About The ‘c’ Battle. Actually, The Competition On Their Wrists Is Just As Fierce.

The annual Bazaar ‘Star Charity Night’, although charity is the eternal theme of the event, but the scene where big coffee stars gather can indeed cause topics and controversy by accident As soon as the party ended, the subtle relationship between female stars and the C position of the photo group became a hot search. Although it seems that these disputes have little to do with male stars, they actually have secret contests in other areas, and the most prominent ‘competition field’ is on the wrist.

Deng Chao attended the event

Deng Chao wears Patek Philippe sports series

   Unlike female celebrities, male celebrities do not have a Care position, and their relationships are not so sensitive and complicated, but watch taste is where they will compete on the red carpet. In this regard, Deng Chao showed no twists. Not only the red suit was eye-catching, but the Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus’ on his hand was also generously exposed. Of course, Pose also had to take care of the photographer and take more shots

Jiang Jinfu Decatur Key Series Skeleton Automatic Watch

   Even if he cut an inch of a domineering man, Jiang Jinfu still looked like a good boy. Clean white suits and black trousers are the most standard standard on the red carpet. Of course, the choice on the watch must take a different approach. Cartier key series skeleton automatic watch, Cartier’s iconic Roman numerals are transformed into movement skeleton bridges, III, VI, IX, and XII digital skeleton bridges and movements contrast with each other between reality and reality, and the inside and out are cleverly revealed.

Hu Bing wears Chopard LUC watches

   Hu Bing, who has a very temperament, picked a dovetail dress for the red carpet. The clothes are elegant and gentleman-like, while the watches are responsible for highlighting the precision and elegance of men. The Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler One is the first world time watch of the brand’s L.U.C series, which is specially created for travelers around the world. This practical complication watch makes it easy for the wearer to read the time in various time zones around the world. In the gentleman’s manner, unknowingness reflects the wisdom of men.

Zhang Yixing Dai Shangmei Paris “Bee Butterfly Opera” series watch

   Shangmei Paris watches are generally worn more by female stars. Zhang Yixing chose to wear it, which is really a little ‘courageous’. Because this ‘Bee Butterfly Drama’ watch, the dial is decorated with colorful butterflies, bees and flowers, which is very feminine, and most men will avoid it. Zhang Yixing also suppressed the watch’s tenderness in a black suit. It is also because of the contrast between the two extreme styles that his style becomes more special.

Yang Shuo Dai Baozheng Marine Watch

  ‘Small bag total’ Yang Shuo always squeezes out an iconic dimple every time he takes a picture. Look at the “big gold watch” on the wrist that was deliberately pinched through the cuffs. The diameter of the 45 mm dial is difficult to keep a low profile. Yang Shuo’s watch with a strong sense of presence is from the Breguet marine series. The case decorated with Breguet’s classic coin pattern looks tough and overbearing. If you change to other men’s wear, you may have to think about it. Yang Shuo, who has a ‘flattering to the end’, dare to take it concave.

Gao Yunxiang Dai Piaget Altiplano 60th Anniversary Series

   Actor Gao Yunxiang’s wave point dress is well-formed, and the Piaget Altiplano 60th Anniversary watch on the wrist is more textured and distinctive than clothing. He also quite ‘smartly’ adorned the watch with silver bracelets. In fact, for men, stacking is a bit of a snake, and a watch can highlight the aura.
   Most female celebrities will choose more feminine jewellery accessories as a wrist accessory on such occasions, and few female celebrities wear watches. However, Zhang Ziyi, Qin Hailu and Zhang Liangying opted for diamond-set watches in the opposite way.

Zhang Ziyi wears a Bulgari SERPENTI watch

Qin Hailu Dai Tiffany Cocktail Series

Zhang Jingying Di Cartier Baignoire watch

   Zhang Ziyi’s neon-colored dress with a Bulgari SERPENTI watch has a feeling of heavy makeup and light touch. Qin Hailu, who wore a sparkling sequin dress, although the selected Tiffany and her charm and experience are not quite equal, fortunately, the diamond decoration on the square watch can always fill these vacancies. Zhang Liangying, who is relatively low-key, wears a yellow dress and only uses Cartier Baignoire watches to add a bit of grandness, bright and not glamorous, and worthy of praise.
   Compared to the celebrity female celebrity battle that depends solely on speculation and brain supplement, it is better to look at their watch contests, seemingly more real.

Bright Mystery Limelight Stella White Gold Diamond Watch

At the 2016 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Piaget presented a women’s complication-specific watch-the Limelight Stella series watch, which is a new work of Piaget, such as a rising star, inciting bright Guanghua revealed mysterious colors. Let’s enjoy the Piaget Limelight Stella series white gold diamond watch, the official model: G0A40111.

   Limelight Stella is Piaget’s first complication watch exclusively for women. It was independently designed and developed by La Côte-aux-Fées (Fairy Slope) and Geneva Watchmaking Workshop, and continues to write a new chapter in Piaget’s love with women. Since ancient times, global culture has compared the bright moon to the eternal and gentle feminine glory. Piaget interprets this classic image with brand new thinking, and casts the beauty of moonlight like a poem on the dial forever. The years of flowing gold are filled with dreams and imaginations, imprinted in the heart.

   The moon’s gloom and clearness are always imaginative. Under its bright appearance, hidden secrets are hidden … the presence of the moon is always a surprise. Her faint figure still wandered the sky after sunrise until sunset. Regardless of the profit or loss, the clear luster of the moon makes people stare again and again, but it is always unpredictable and difficult to figure out.

   The central seconds dial and the moon phase display at 12 o’clock position each other in pairs; a large star hand on the large second hand shines brightly, adding a subtle beauty to the sun-moon alternation on the wrist. The intricate and delicate mechanical design of the movement perfectly interprets the cycle of the bright moon from profit to loss. The large moon phase display at 12 o’clock positions a piece of sky for the wrist of the fiber, and in the eternal chasing cycle of the sun and the moon, let A glimpse of the mysterious beauty of the moon suddenly looming. The moon phase display function has been adjusted for 122 years.

   Piaget presents a new self-winding mechanical movement independently designed, developed and produced for Limelight Stella. Equipped with a 42-hour power reserve, the Calibre 584P movement drives the hour, minute, second and moon phase display functions of the watch. The 584P and 580P movements, with a thickness of 11.5 centimeters and a diameter of 26 mm, vibrate 21,600 times (3 Hz) per hour like traditional models. The movement is crafted with ingenious craftsmanship to craft the finest traditional decorative details, in line with Piaget’s most ingenious regulations; under the sapphire crystal caseback, the ring-shaped satin matte, chamfered bridge, Geneva wave pattern, blue steel screws , As well as the Piaget badge on the display, delicate and touching.

   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Fashionable Appearance, Real Shot Bao Qilai Marie Dragon Edge Power Watch 43 Mm

As the first watchmaking brand that mass-produces automatic movements on the outer edge, Bucherer lays a pioneering position in technology. The oscillating weight rotates along the periphery of the movement, and does not cover the movement like a traditional center-mounted oscillating weight. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2018, the brand first applied the self-made CFB A2050 movement released in 2016 to the new Maliron series watches, blending with the series’ traditional design aesthetics, integrating top technology, traditional watchmaking technology and Elegant appearance in one, leaving a deep impression. It is worth noting that in addition to the existing 40.6 mm style, the new timepiece is updated with 6 43 mm styles, of which 2 rose gold models are equipped with crocodile leather straps, and 4 stainless steel models can be equipped with belts or steel chain straps. , More matching options. Let’s take a look at the black dial stainless steel as an example: (watch model: 00.10921.08.33.01)

   Although the size of the new watch is slightly increased, it still does not damage its timeless temperament, and it is still elegant and round; the sharp outline, soft line arc, and polished matte finish make the watch’s elegant style even more outstanding.

   The 43 mm case is more generous in size, but the proportion of the watch’s right line is consistent; after polishing and refinishing, it is fuller and more refined, showing a smooth line beauty.

   The exquisite stainless steel crown is located on one side of the watch. The Bucherer logo is engraved on it, and it is decorated with a non-slip texture. It has a first-class feel and is easy to debug.

   The dial layout is adjusted with the increase of the case. The wedge-shaped hour-markers and pointed sword-shaped hands slightly increase, while the color of the hands and time-markers is the same as the case. The 6-hour mark position is a small seconds dial, and the 3-fold mark position is provided with a calendar display window, which adds practical functions to the watch.

   The self-made CFB A2050 movement is stored on the chain by Bao Qicai’s patented bi-directional outer rotor. The outer rotor does not block the movement. The Geneva stripes of the movement are polished and refined to add elegance to the watch; the movement has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours, which is accurate and reliable.

   The dark brown crocodile leather strap is more mature with natural cracks and edge stitching. Connect with stainless steel folding pin buckle for easy wearing.

   The new 43mm model is available in elegant and innovative colors. There are rose gold models with white dials and light brown crocodile straps, rose gold models with black dials and black crocodile straps, and steel with white or black dials, light gray. Available in dark brown alligator strap or stainless steel chain strap. Customers can choose their own best companion on the wrist according to different preferences.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Star Trek With The Little Prince Pilot’s Watch Chronograph ‘little Prince’ Special Edition

Schaffhausen, May 19, 2015-IWC Schaffhausen launches a new pilot chronograph watch ‘Little Prince’ special edition, with its originality The astrolabe week shows you as you embark on an interstellar journey with the little prince. The inner circle of the dial is arranged around seven planets, and a golden light blooms every day, symbolizing that the famous little prince described by Anthony Saint Exupery visited a new planet on his interstellar journey. The back of the watch is also engraved with the seven planets and is marked with the names of the inhabitants of each planet where the little prince stays.
   A king who wants to rule a territory that doesn’t exist; a businessman who thinks he owns the entire universe; a geographer who never leaves his writing desk—from his little planet to find friends The little prince, on his journey, encountered a variety of strange characters from other planets. This interstellar journey described in Anthony Saint Exupery’s most successful literary work, The Little Prince, became the source of inspiration for IWC. Inspired by it, IWC has carefully crafted a new Pilot’s Watch Chronograph ‘Little Prince’ special model (model: IW371807) with charming mechanical functions. ‘The collaboration with the Anthony Saint-Exupery Youth Foundation provides inspiration for several of our special edition pilot watches,’ said Georges Kern, chief executive of IWC. ‘Since the book’ Little Prince ‘celebrated its 70th anniversary two years ago, we have introduced many different models to pay tribute to the young heroes in the story. The special edition not only has an exquisite needle-tracking device, but also a childlike star-like element. Maybe it doesn’t look strange at first glance, but it is very subtle.
Light up magical stars every day
   On the night blue dial with a unique cockpit design, a surprising planet-jumping dial runs as a week displayed in a thin line ring in the center of the dial. On this glamorous week display, a different glittering golden star is lit every day. However, the days of the week do not change in a particular order, and the flashing Venus looks as if it is jumping randomly at seven different positions on the dial. The hollow planet on the dial symbolizes the planet the little prince once visited. The names of these planets and the people who inhabit them are engraved on the bottom of the watch in the same order on the dial: the king, the vanity admirer, the alcoholic, the merchant, the lighter, the geographer, and the rose that the little prince will remember -After ending his adventure, the little prince returned to Rose. At the bottom of the table, it can be a fun experience to trace the planet this little boy with wheat-colored blonde hair is visiting. The center of the case is also decorated with a portrait of the little prince. The wearer can make the golden stars jump to another position by turning the crown. In other words, which star on the dial blinks on seven days of the week is entirely up to the wearer.
The chase time starts!
   The complication of the chronograph hand also now has a place in the ‘Little Prince’ special edition series of the pilot watch series. Chase chronograph, also known as rattrapante, is a watchmaking challenge that is often underestimated. With two superimposed chronograph seconds hands, the wearer can accurately record split times in as little as one minute. The fascination of the special edition of the pilot’s chase chronograph ‘Little Prince’ is that it not only has all the technical characteristics of the pilot’s watch, but also has a poetic design element. The powerful features of this watch include self-winding, time, date, star-shaped week display with jumping, small second hand with stop device, 12-hour cumulative chronograph function, hand tracking function, and stable assembly to withstand sudden steps The pressure-reduced double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirror also includes the strong antimagnetic protection provided by the soft iron inner case of the IWC pilot watch. The night blue dial reflects the elegant sportsmanship of this watch. The hands and scales are treated with Super-LumiNova® *, which ensures clear reading even at night. The lettering on the bottom of the table clearly indicates that the watch is limited to 1000 pieces. The Pilot’s Chronograph Chronograph “Little Prince” comes with a brown matte calfskin strap with beige stitching.
Pilot’s Chase Chronograph Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition Model IW371807

Technical characteristics
Mechanical chronograph movement
Hours, minutes and seconds
Calculating split time
Date display
Planetary Jump Day Display
Small second hand with stop
Antimagnetic soft iron inner shell
Screw-down crown
The glass watch is assembled firmly and can withstand the sudden drop of air pressure without loosening
Limited to 1000 pieces
Movement: 79420
Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz
Gems: 29
Power reserve: 44 hours
Winding: automatic winding
Material: Stainless steel case, night blue dial, hands and scales Super-LumiNova® *, gold plated star dial, brown matte calfskin strap with beige stitching, stainless steel pin buckle
Table mirror: double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass
Water resistance: 6 bar
Diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 17mm

Carrera Heritage Series China Premiere Continues Tag Heuer Century Classic

In 2011, TAG Heuer and Carrera Heritage made a strong landing in China. With its design sense that spans time and space and its simple style, outstanding features without losing its restrained elegance are highly appreciated in the industry. Very popular with watch and racing lovers. It is worth mentioning that this new watch is based on the 1945 Carrera watch, while following the original taste of TAG Heuer retro style, adding many modern elements, highlighting that it is completely different from the ordinary chronograph Different elegance. TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage Collection Cal 6 Rose Gold
In 1963, Jack Heuer, the son of Edward Heuya, began to create a chronograph designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts. As a lifelong enthusiast of motorsport, he knows what his customers want: a dial with a wide field of vision, an easy-to-read dial, and a rugged, shock-resistant and waterproof case for driving. The next year, in 1964, he introduced a manually wound mechanical chronograph and named it Carrera.
First Carrera chronograph
Carrera stands for passion, adventure, and heroism in Spanish. The name is derived from a legendary motorsport race in the 1950s, a 5-day, 3,300-kilometer journey through Mexico’s Carrera Pan American Highway Carrera Pan Americana. This was the most famous and dangerous endurance race of the time.
The Carrera series is undoubtedly the proud work of Jack Heuer’s life-long effort. The elegant and simple dial design has made the Carrera series a great success, and opened the golden age for Heuer.
Heya’s pace of pioneering and innovation has never stopped. In the 21st century, racing is still the eternal source of inspiration for the Carrera series, and the development of watchmaking technology has also promoted the development of motorsport. It can be said that TAG Heuer’s pioneering position in racing chronology is unparalleled. The latest example is the Carrera 1887 chronograph launched last year. It uses TAG Heuer’s first self-made movement. Best Watch Award.
This year, the Carrera Heritage series of watches and chronographs are a classic presentation that combines the spirit of innovation and watchmaking tradition, highlighting the century-old charm of the Carrera series. TAG Heuer Carrera 1887
CarCarrera Heritage series inherits 150 years of TAG Heuer’s watchmaking tradition, perfect interpretation of the most classic racing timepieces. This is not simply a retro, but a classic reproduction: the classic design of the golden age of the watchmaking industry has been completely reinterpreted, and the addition of new elements brings to life Heuer’s century-old innovative spirit. The polished case and monochrome TAG Heuer logo are smooth and shiny. Some watch models use dark blue polished hands. It is worth mentioning that the shape of the hands almost restores the elegant style of TAG Heuer. The dial is decorated with delicate retro flinqué engravings. The dial flange and the timer use the classic minute scale. The raised polished Arabic numerals date back to the early data of the Tag Heuer Archive: a Tag Heuer manufactured in 1945. Watch. The design of the buttons, numbers, crown and scales is inspired by this watch.
Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage Cal 16 Chronograph

Looking At The Popular Elements Of Fashion Week, Look At The Matching Trend Of Emilon Watches

The four major fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, which began early last month, have come to an end. During this time, we have harvested hundreds of exciting big shows, and we also saw a lot of wonderful street shots contributed by celebrities and people. When people focused on the spring and summer 2018 Chinese clothing that was first released, there were also many people silently paying attention to the new trends of fashion accessories in Fashion Week.
   Whether it is the Chinese clothing in fashion week, or daily wear, jewelry is indispensable for improving the overall shape. In the accessories, the decorative function of the watch is getting more and more attention. The Swiss watch brand Emmyron, which is recommended today, is pursuing exquisite craftsmanship and classic design. At the same time, it also launches the fashionable and elegant Jingya series and Challenger series models to meet both the pursuit of fashion and the commitment to the watch’s ancient craft. you.

   Flowers represent beauty and life. From ancient to modern times, it has rich and beautiful symbolic significance. In fashion weeks in recent years, it is not difficult to find that printing has become a necessary element for designers to create new products. With the gorgeous and changeable patterns of flowers, and the designer’s graceful tailoring, the beauty of the curve of the female body is fully displayed. The elements of flowers are not only used in clothing, but can also be integrated into various styles of accessories, adding a touch of embellishment to the overall shape. The fragrant blooming flowers also inspired the creative inspiration of Amy Long designers, presenting the beautiful form and allegorical meaning of the flowers in the form of a watch, in order to praise the fairy-like women.

   The Fairy Flower Fairy Flower watches for Amy Long Fair Lady series combine the beauty of hundreds of flowers with innovative product experience to decorate the beautiful feelings of life. The idea is to add a replaceable decorative dial (lily dial, lilac dial, orchid dial) above the dial. The innovative concept breaks through the design and craftsmanship of traditional watches, making an ordinary watch evolve through a simple DIY form. A variety of watch decoration effects make the watch more versatile. The flower-inspired watch paired with clothing full of flower elements, the overall shape echoes and merges with each other
   At the same time, in 17 years, Amy Long launched the Jingya series ballet pendant watch style-Jingya series ballet pendant watch, is also a sophisticated fashion watch.

   The new design concept of Amy Long Jingya Ballet comes from light and smart ballet skirts. The dancers kicked their toes into the background to prepare for the scene. When the spotlight focused on the body, they jumped to the stage, faced the audience, and raised their arms with their heads open. The beautiful dance looks even lighter against the wavy skirt, and Amy Long’s designer just caught this grace and aura, and presented it to the new ballet dial. Compared with traditional models, ballet pendant watches show different fashion charm. Necklace watch can be hung on the neck like a pearl pendant, especially eye-catching.

   In a ballet skirt, the dancer exudes an elegant and aloof temperament. In addition to the thin and light gauze skirt, it also reveals the long lines of the neck and shoulders. In the dress, the design of the shoulder and tube top can also perfectly display the lines of the neck and shoulders, revealing the sexy collarbone of a woman. During Fashion Week, the shoulder-length and tube top clothes occupy an important position. In considering the matching of accessories, the simple and fashionable Amy Long Jingya series ballet pendant watch will be the finishing touch of the whole shape, which can better highlight the curve of the neck and enhance the overall shape charm.
   In terms of men’s watches, Emilion is inspired by deep sea diving and extreme mountain climbing, and has designed a new product series for challenge men who are dynamic and enthusiastic, who love to meet challenges. Men who have the courage to challenge themselves not only love to explore unknown fields, they can also delve into them in the known fields. The bold charm they show comes from the spirit of not surrendering to difficulties and forging ahead.

   The new unique dial design of Emilon Challenger Bingfeng combines tradition and innovation, and the shape is both stable and fashionable. The three-dimensional dial is beautiful in appearance. The steep edges and corners on the inner bezel are distributed counterclockwise, giving a firm visual image. This men’s watch enhances the sense of wear in terms of design and materials.

   The trend of men’s clothing in 2018 is still parallel to fashionable men’s and retro literary styles. The new Emily Challenger series Bingfeng can easily match different styles. Don’t you mind?

Wristwatch New Endorser Who Is Holding Who?

Compared with other industries, the choice of spokespersons of watch brands always considers long time, long cooperation time, and even some cooperation let us see the everlasting shadow. In the past two years, many brands and spokesperson groups in the wait-and-see period seem to have taken the step ‘bravely’, and one side promised ‘I do’.

 Top actresses and athletic men have become the one-sided trend when choosing brands, adding new options to the calm and regular spokesperson market.

A new endorsement

 Whenever we walk in a shopping mall and see huge star advertisements and endorsement products, when we don’t know much about the product, we will always be affected by the temperament of the star, thus reflecting the brand’s temperament and DNA. Because the brand has this recognition, it is always very careful in the choice of spokespersons. No matter what brand and type of watch, tradition and heritage are the soul, which is why these new spokespersons come from.

The first requirement for a female spokesperson today is to be overwhelmed.

 Gong Li for Earl

 Gong Li is the freshest spokesperson candidate. At the launch of the Piaget High Jewellery Collection in June this year, the brand unveiled the mystery of this new global spokesperson. Before that, Gong Li had attended the event many times as a brand friend. Gong Li was praised by the Earl brand, saying that she ‘like the Earl’s brand motto ‘Always better than required’.’ Since its establishment in 1874, Piaget brand has captured the hearts of Chinese consumers with original jewelry watches. How can this cooperation with top international movie stars be described as ‘combined with each other’?

 Zhao Wei for Jaeger-LeCoultre

 The Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, which has always adhered to a low profile. After working with Zhao Wei as a close friend of the brand for a year, it was finally announced at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival that Zhao Wei became the brand ambassador. This is a typical example of slowly talking about true feelings. !! And Zhao Wei wears this date series day and night display women’s watch, which can be said to be the perfect reflection of the beauty and essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre women’s timepieces. It allows simplicity and elegance to coexist, and femininity and craftsmanship perfectly match, which is the date of women and time.

 Lily Collins for Movado

 Movado’s long-established brand concept will definitely not lack the two keywords of ‘art’ and ‘innovation’. Perhaps this is why Lily Collins can join the Movado family. She is fresh and confident, and passionate about journalism before she became famous. She is definitely a talented actor. The serene artistic breath emanating from the Movado Women’s Watches series is the best interpretation of her personality.

 Cameron Diaz for TAG Heuer

 In addition to accurate timekeeping, another tag of TAG Heuer is ‘creative with personality’, which is no wonder that Cameron Diaz was selected as the brand’s spokesperson by the brand. Her authenticity, beauty, and pursuit of her own personality are the embodiment of the TAG Heuer spirit. For the Valentine’s Day this year, TAG Heuer specially released the rings and bracelets designed and designed by Diaz and the Link series fully automatic watches, which are feminine and feminine, without losing women’s longing for independent spirit.

Friends of the brand

 There are many watch brands that are big enough and have a long history, but they have been slow to see spokespersons—especially the emergence of Chinese spokespersons, insisting on impressing the audience with the tradition of handicraft and technological innovation. At special events, the brand will continue to invite some stars who are very similar to the brand’s style and temperament to attend the celebration. Although they are not the spokespersons of the brand, they are also known as “star celebrities” as the brand events appear very frequently. . The brand’s choice of star celebrity friends is by no means casual, it must be ‘door to door’!

Liang Chaowei × Cartier

 Liang Zhaowei’s acting career for many years is exactly why Cartier insists on this brand’s best friend-brave to break through. He was never satisfied with his achievements, and sought a higher self-breakthrough with a humble attitude. For a mature fine watch brand, this is Cartier’s own portrayal. The Caribo series for men is a portrayal of Cartier’s breakthrough.

Diana Luna × Richard Mille

 This year Richard Mille set his sights on women’s golf, with Italian champion Diana Luna becoming the brand’s newest partner. In her very young career, Diana won several European and Italian championships, and Mr. Richard Mille was attracted by her personal charm. Golf requires the same precision, skill and concentration as watchmaking. Richard Mille will work with Diana to develop a new watch that is more suitable for this sport.

Male spokespersons pay attention to positive energy both mentally and physically

Beckham for Breitling

 I do n’t know if Breitling with flying DNA requires a spokesperson to own a private jet. At the Xiamen Air Show last year, the new spokesman Beckham wore Breitling’s World Time Ultimate Chronograph. Beckham is a very handsome handsome, his appearance makes us can’t help but be sighed. How long haven’t I seen this mainstream handsome? The watch he wears is equipped with Breitling’s homemade 04 movement. The 44mm large dial is set off by the beauty of the male wrist. By rotating the bezel in both directions, the time in the three places can be grasped. Single product.

Felix for Zenith

 In October last year, with the attention of the world, Felix completed the wildest feat in the 21st century-jumping from the space stratosphere at an altitude of 38969.4 meters to the earth, setting three world records. Before that, because few people believed he could really do it and sponsored it, Zenith obviously believed him. After a lapse of half a year, the cooperation between the two took a step further-Felix became Zenith’s image ambassador. The Zenith El Primero Stratum Flyback One Tenth Second watch that he wore while skydiving is one of the most accurate chronographs of the moment, and it is obvious that it can still complete tasks in extreme cases. .

Kobe Bryant for Hublot

 Even if Kobe did not lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals, Kobe on the NBA this year is still a leader. He not only showed people precision and excellence, but also taught people what a career is. Presumably this is the point that Hublot appreciates Kobe most. This ‘King of the Supreme Black Mamba’ limited watch is just a welcome to Kobe, it inherits all the details of the Hublot star series, expresses the ‘Fusion’ watchmaking concept to the extreme, and the back of the watch is even more Signed by Kobe.

Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg for IWC

 IWC officially signed two drivers as the brand’s new ambassadors-drivers Hamilton and Rosberg under Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, which is also the official launch of IWC’s Mercedes-AMG Petronas team earlier this year Another big move after the official engineering partner. IWC products not only have complex functions, but also have very high technical requirements. At the same time, they also incorporate passion and stories. These aspects are the factors that make an excellent racing driver. The cooperation between the two parties can be described as ‘the door to the door’

Cartier Watch Workshop Breeds Watchmaking Legends With Professional Skills

Cartier Watch Workshop is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the core area of ​​glorious watchmaking history. It is one of the largest fully integrated watch workshops in Switzerland. Surrounded by the mountains of the Jurassic Valley, this outstanding transparent glass building is integrated with the surrounding pasture trees, covering an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

 The workshop brings together more than 170 watchmaking techniques, whose diversity continues to nourish Cartier’s extraordinary creativity. The artisans, men and women, share the same passion and goals, and master a variety of superb professional watchmaking techniques, including watchmaking, simple or complex movement development, and the skill of integrating jewelry into square dials.

 By bringing together all watchmaking techniques in one place, Cartier has been able to strictly monitor all aspects of the production process, combining top technology and watchmaking traditions to ensure the continuous development of its watchmaking business. With its creativity, precision and innovation, Cartier Watch Workshop opens up a new territory and challenges excellence.

 The Cartier Watch Workshop embodies the brand’s determination in watchmaking, and heritage and learning are the primary tasks for maintaining watchmaking. Therefore, Cartier founded the Institut Horlogerie Cartier to provide new skills training to ensure that Swiss watchmaking technology can be promoted in the future.

 With a mission and commitment to protect watchmaking, Cartier has introduced many rare craftsmanships such as enamel painting, metal beads and fine inlays into Cartier Watch Workshop. The Cartier Master Craftsmanship series has shown a rich historical heritage. Through the unique original watch masterpieces, the nearly lost noble craftsmanship is restored and reshaped.

 It’s a watch, it’s a heritage. Any _ Cartier watch, no matter how old, the Cartier Watch Repair Center can provide maintenance and make it lasting.

 Facing the challenges of tomorrow, creating timeless masterpieces and inheriting superb skills, this is the bounden duty of Cartier Watch Workshop.

Classic Never Stops Looking Back At The History Of Radar Ceramic Watches

The Radar brand was born in 1917. In the development of the past century, it has become an iconic symbol of material innovation. Looking back at the history of radar, the innovations and breakthroughs in high-tech materials are vivid. Since its establishment, Radar has been adhering to the innovative spirit of ‘if you can imagine, you can create, if you can create, you can achieve’, and make persistent breakthrough attempts in the field of high-tech materials to create the world’s most difficult Worn watch.
   Since the first wristwatch made of tungsten-titanium alloy in 1962, radar has opened its own path of innovation. In the years of development, it has continuously broken the boundaries of the watchmaking industry and is committed to the exploration and application of high-tech materials. .

The first wristwatch made of tungsten-titanium in 1962

   Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in the 1980s. Since then, it has forged an inextricable bond with this material. High-tech ceramics have advantages that other materials cannot match, such as hypoallergenic, light and comfortable, comfortable wearing experience, etc., and the most important thing is that it is not easy to wear, but any watch made of high-tech ceramics can Fearless of the challenges of years, it still looks as new as many years later. Because of this, ‘not easy to wear’ has become the radar brand logo.
1976: the first metal-coated sapphire watch

Radar Dia67

   In 1976, the first Dia67 watch with a metal-coated sapphire watch was introduced by Radar, which gave the watch a timeless and perfect pure surface.
1986: the first high-tech ceramic watch

Radar’s First High-Tech Ceramic Watch-Integral Precision Ceramics

  Rada launched an Integral precision ceramic watch in 1986. It became the first watch series in the world to use high-tech ceramics. Its bracelet is made of high-tech ceramics, giving it a warm and jade touch. The discerning and exquisite experience perfectly interprets the radar’s excellent technology in the field of high-tech ceramics.
1990: the first all-tech ceramic watch

Radar’s First All-Ceramic Watch-Ceramica

   Four years later, Ceramica, a high-tech ceramic watch, was born, and once again brought Radar’s high-tech ceramic manufacturing technology to the fullest. The case and bracelet were integrated into one, which became another brand new for the Radar brand. Masterpiece.
1991: the first white high-tech ceramic watch

Radar’s first white high-tech ceramic watch-Coupole

   After a year, Radar’s breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics has not only been limited to shape, but more challenging to colorful colors. White high-tech ceramics emerged at the historic moment, and were first applied to the Coupole series Since then, the history of only black high-tech ceramics has ended, giving the watch a sense of agility and simplicity.
1993: The first platinum-gold high-tech ceramic watch

The first platinum high-tech ceramic watch

   The research and development of color has never stopped. Radar hopes that the metal luster can also be represented by high-tech ceramic materials. Exploring high-tech ceramic composite materials has become another historical task of radar. Platinum gold high-tech ceramics came into being two years later. Since then, rose gold and golden high-tech ceramics have also come out. Persevering in exploration and innovation, radar allows all ‘precious metals’ to have the ‘not easy to wear’ of high-tech ceramics.
1998: the first plasma high-tech ceramic watch

The first plasma high-tech ceramic watch

   Following the continuous breakthrough in high-tech ceramic colors, in 1998, Radar opened a new chapter in the field of high-tech ceramics. Plasma high-tech ceramics came out stunningly. The warm gray luster gave high-tech ceramics a metallic texture. The ceramic series became the first watch series to use plasma high-tech ceramic materials. Unlike all previous ‘precious metal’ high-tech ceramics: Plasma high-tech ceramics do not contain any metal elements. This technology has been patented and is proprietary to radar.
2002: The first hardest watch V10K

Radar V10K series

   In 2002, Radar created the world’s hardest watch, the V10K series, with a hardness of 10,000 Vickers comparable to natural diamonds, a major leap in the field of materials.
2009: Radar injection molding R5.5 series watch

Radar R5.5 series

   In 2009, Radar collaborated with world-renowned industrial designer Jasper Morrison to work together to create the R5.5 series watch. This watch is made of high-tech ceramics using injection molding technology. Naturally.
2011: First introduction of a one-piece high-tech ceramic case

High-tech ceramic integrated case-Emperor Star Series

   In 2011, Radar’s breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics once again returned to shape, creating a high-tech ceramic monolithic case, which was first applied in the Emperor Star series, and once again set a new benchmark for the high-tech ceramics field. The appearance of this watch completely overturns the previous high-tech ceramic case that always contains a steel ‘base’ structure. The high-tech ceramic monolithic case precisely meets the design, perfectly reaching the thinness of the exterior design, but Can support the load, once again interpret the radar’s unremitting and innovative brand concept.
2012: Haoxing Series and True Thin Series come out

Rado Star Series

Radar really thin series

  In 2012, Radar relied on the innovation of high-tech materials and breakthroughs in watch design to launch a new Haoxing series watch, combining high-tech ceramics or platinum, gold or rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics with stainless steel for a new look The iconic design once again demonstrates Radar’s unique design style and incisive technical level.
2013: the first ultralight ceramic watch

Radar DiaMaster RHW1 watch

  If it is said that the one-piece case is thin and light in shape, then the titanium nitride and tri-silicon high-tech ceramics brought by Radar two years later have achieved extreme lightness in essence. Its quality is half that of ordinary high-tech ceramics, and it has irrefutablely become ultra-light high-tech ceramics.
2013: Isa series ladies watches come out

Radar Isa Women’s Watch

   In 2013, Radar turned dreams into reality again, creating the first women’s wristwatch Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches, without crown design, adjustment time just touch the dial, the case is a smooth arc Shaped, warm to the touch, in one go.
2014: The first cool grey high-tech ceramic watch

Radar’s first cool grey high-tech ceramic watch-HyperChrome

  When everyone was looking forward to the radar’s new breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics in 2014, cool gray high-tech ceramics came into view. Cool gray high-tech ceramics broke the limitation of the non-energy production of colored ceramics. In other words, radar has once again brought more perfect technology to the high-tech ceramics field, so that colored high-tech ceramics no longer become the limited style of the brand, and completely turn dreams into reality.
2015: The first chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watch

  In 2015, Radar’s color innovation went one step further, and a new chocolate brown watch was added to create the ultimate artistic effect again. The high-tech ceramics used in the watch, although not containing any metal components, shine with metallic luster, which is another new masterpiece of radar on the road of many years of watchmaking.
2016: High-tech ceramics in new shades

 After the chocolate-colored ceramic material in 2015, Radar added color to the latest watch lineup during this year’s Basel. The new dark green and navy blue watches debuted. Keeping pace with the current fashion, Radar’s colorful and bold attempts will break through innovation once again and solidify the status of material master.

Summary: Radar has always been at the forefront of innovation in the field of high-tech ceramics with unquestionable advantages. It not only shows the extraordinary and extraordinary high-tech ceramics production technology in all aspects in terms of shape, quality, and color, but also has absolute advantages in watchmaking The industry has demonstrated its status as a master of high-tech ceramics.